10 Anime Shows like Mob Psycho 100 you must watch

We discuss 10 anime shows like Mob Psycho 100 that you must watch right now. Add this list to your recommendations!

In the middle of its third season Mob Psycho 100 has just finished one of his best arcs to date. The first half was hilarious, emotional, and all-around entertaining, and the second half of the season certainly won’t be any different.

The series follows Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama, a young psychic whose raw abilities could cause catastrophic events if he doesn’t keep his emotions in check at all times. To try to learn more about controlling his power, he is working on Spirits and similar advice center under the guidance of Dance Arataka, an impostor who only pretends to have psychic abilities. Every day is a struggle for Mob as he tries to suppress his true abilities, but watching him develop his full psychic power is just as much fun as watching Mob hit 100%. if you enjoy Mob Psycho 100here are 10 more anime shows You might like.

10 must-see anime shows like Mob Psycho 100

One Batsman (2015)

If you are already a fan of Mob Psycho 100chances are you’ll be a fan of too One punch man. The story is about a hero named Saitama, whose ability to defeat the strongest enemies with just a single punch has bored him. Both series are written by the same author, One, and share the same humor style. Mob and Saitama are also similar in demeanor, which works for both series as they play the flashier supporting characters well.

Spy x Family (2022)

Simply one of the hottest anime of the new year, this series, Spy X family, follows the Forgers, a makeshift family made up of a spy husband, an assassin wife, and an esper daughter. Like Mob, little Anya possesses some serious psychic powers, which she uses to read the minds of those around her. Your information will definitely come in handy when it comes to helping her father in his missions. The story is the perfect blend of action and comedy to give you some serious mob psycho vibes.

From the New World (2012)

If you can’t get enough of the psychic kids trope, this series has it, but at much higher stakes. In the distant future, everyone is born with psychic powers called Cantus. The children who show natural abilities grow up in Utopia Kamui 66, but those who don’t mysteriously disappear. However, as 12-year-old Saki Watanabe and her friends begin to dig deeper into the mysteries of their so-called perfect society, they learn a truth much darker than they ever imagined.

The Disastrous Life of Sakai K. (2016)

It’s hard to be stronger than everyone around you. Sakai Kusuo knows this better than anyone, as someone who resents his psychic powers and all the problems they cause him. In terms of plot and main character, this series is one of the most similar Mob x Psycho. No matter how hard he tries to stay out of the way, Sakai tends to get drawn into things. It’s reminiscent of mob trying to suppress their emotions and powers for so long only to constantly get caught up in drama with round dances.

Great Teacher Onizuka (1999)

Great teacher Onizuka is an older anime, but it’s still hilarious even in 2022. If Dance Dance is your favorite part of Mob Psycho, this is a series worth checking out. Onizuka is definitely not the kind of man you want to teach your kids. He’s a former gang member with a less than desirable personality, but his non-traditional background might be just what the kids at Holy Forest Academy need. Regardless of how he fares, Onizuka is the kind of mentor and teacher whose personality defines the show. You don’t expect to like him, but you end up loving him instead.

Bongou Stray Dogs (2016)

As strange as it may sound, Atsushi Nakajima has the supernatural ability to transform into a large white tiger. It’s a power that got him into trouble lately until he meets a man named Osamu Dazai. Suddenly, Atsushi is recruited to work at an agency filled with other users with special abilities to solve cases too strange for the police. Psychic abilities aren’t the only things in this action-packed anime, and that’s half the fun. It’s like watching an entire series centered on the Spirit and Such Consultation Office side of Mob Psycho, but with a wider range of eccentric characters.

Beyond the Limit (2013)

Demons and ghosts are a common enemy in supernatural anime and Beyond the limit has no shortage of them. In this series, Mirai Kuriyama may not have exceptional psychic powers, but she manages to fend off threats quite well as a warrior of the spirit world. Like Mob, Mirai begins the series as a loner who begins to branch out once she joins a club. While the Telepathy Club in Mob Psycho might not really succeed in communicating with spirits, Mirai’s Literary Club is a front filled with fellow Spirit World Warriors.

Link Click (2021)

At Time Photo Studio, Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang offer a unique service. When a customer brings him a photo, he can walk in and relive the exact moment in the photo as if he were the customer. It is an amazing power that often gives clients a second chance to say things unsaid or to find items from the past. However, if they are not careful, what they have done in the past can negatively affect the future as well. This is another series that deals with the ramifications of too much power, but with the added twist of time travel to shake things up and leave viewers wondering what’s going to happen next.

Kemono Jihen (2021)

Done well, there’s always something fun about an unexpected mentor-mentee relationship. Mob has Reigen and Kabane has Inugami. Despite having no psychic abilities, Kabane is a half-demon, which comes in handy with the Inugami Detective Agency, where he helps out on cases. Kabane and Inugami don’t have exactly the same type of relationship as Reigen and Mob, but their almost familial connection is just as satisfying when watching the game.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (2006)

Lelouch Lamperouge is arguably one of the most intelligent and powerful anime characters of all time. He possesses the power of absolute obedience, which gives him the ability to implant an order that he is compelled to obey. Lelouch’s power could doom him at any moment, and he must tread carefully while leading one of the most dangerous armies in the world. Mob and Lelouch are just children of unfair responsibility, but Code Geass gives viewers a glimpse of the same idea, but at significantly higher stakes.

Do you have any other recommendations for anime series like Mob Psycho 100? Let us know!

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