39 Years Ago, Her Father Forbade Her From Being With a Black Man – Today, They Finally Tied The Knot – Women After 40

Her parents forced two hopelessly in love teenagers apart. Almost four decades later, they rediscovered each other.

Penny Umbers and Mark Bethel met and fell in love in a private school in Nottingham, England, in the late 1970s.

After Bethel returned to the Bahamas, they kept in touch, exchanging love letters, poems, and paintings.

When it came time for Bethel to go to university, she decided to study in London while Umbers enrolled at a neighboring polytechnic college so they could be close.

But almost out of nowhere, their romance ended.

Heartbroken, Umbers dropped out of college as a result.

“He was everything to me and he made me feel so loved it was unimaginable not to hear or see him.”PENNY UMBERS

Umbers and Bethel moved on with their lives after their split. Bethel had a significant relationship that didn’t work out while Umbers was married and divorced twice.

But in 2019, Bethel was able to hunt Umbers down on Facebook and learn the truth about why he left her.

“Mark first let me know what happened at school when we spoke in 2019,” Umbers said.

“He had been chatting with my father in the garden and I remember thinking that they shared a lot of interests because they both enjoyed sports. My father, on the other hand, had said to him, “You had your fun, now go on boy.” It crushed him completely; He was such a sweet, lovely boy who was madly in love with me.”PENNY UMBERS

Umbers’ father’s threats became so severe that he called Bethel from the class to the Deputy Principal’s office to give him a dire warning.

“My father told him that he knew people in high places and that if he didn’t stop seeing me his scholarship would be canceled and I wasn’t allowed to know about it,” Umbers claimed.

Because Bethel is black and Umbers is white, Bethel’s parents were also opposed to their relationship.

Bethel said that parting with Umbers was a difficult decision for him.

“When we first met, I fell in love with her and it was like magic.” “I couldn’t believe I was in this situation when her father spoke to me,” he told the Birmingham Mail. “I had to make the most difficult decision of my life, and I had to make it alone.” I had no friends or family to lean on, and I couldn’t explain to her why I just wanted it to end. “It was devastating.”

Bethel searched for Umbers over the years but could not find her.

“Then one day I came across a photo of her in a black suit in front of Windsor Castle,” he explained. “I wasn’t sure if she was after 39 years.” I texted her several times, but she wasn’t a Facebook user, so it was a few months before she saw her. I just asked, “Is that Penny?” and it was! I was nervous, worried, excited and dizzy.”

The couple, who are now 60 and 61, reunited in June 2021 when Umbers traveled to the Bahamas to see Bethel.

She returned home after a few months, but Bethel immediately proposed to her when she returned in October.

“I’ve never loved anyone as much as Mark,” Umbers remarked.

“I’m a completely different person.” PENNY UMBERS

“I’ve regained my confidence,” she added. “I used to be down, but now I’m proud of myself because I know he loved me after all.” It was pretty hard to believe that the man I adored didn’t like me. I thought maybe if he had told me about it we could have done something about it, but he was far more tolerant of authority and less rebellious than I was. He wanted to integrate and succeed, and he has achieved that throughout his life. But for that he had to make certain sacrifices.”

Even though you’ve no doubt read it before on this site, it’s worth repeating: love knows no color, gender, or other distinctions. It’s awful that the parents of these two lovebirds ended their relationship. But in the end, their bond triumphed, proving that it’s never too late to find your soulmate. 39 Years Ago, Her Father Forbade Her From Being With a Black Man – Today, They Finally Tied The Knot – Women After 40

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