7 Steps the New Congress Needs to Take to Restore America

With victory comes responsibility, and then the hard work of recovery begins…

What a mess! The cleanup that needs to be done to restore law, order, and economic prosperity to the United States is daunting.

But history has shown that the people of the United States can do it.

Once before, when Republicans controlled the 80th Congress and Democrats controlled the White House, bipartisan support was rallied for a restorative economic and law-and-order enterprise.

As World War II drew to a close, with most of the world in shambles—disturbed and directionless—it was the indomitable USA that led the revitalization of devastated lands, bringing back stability and hope to all, including the shamed and injured people of formerly enemy nations. American confidence was encouraging. It wasn’t so much the money – although that was quite effective and remarkably efficient in its implementation – but the US’s confidence, the can-do attitude, the let’s-get-this-done determination.


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The US did an incredible job in facilitating the rebuilding of post-war Japan. Generous American aid was given not only to war-torn Europe, but also to China and Korea, as well as French Indochina, Thailand, Burma and the Philippines.

The Republican Party aptly described the Restoration effort at the time as “the most far-reaching action in history taken to assist in the rebuilding of the free world on the basis of self-help and with prudent use of our own resources.”

There has been a real focus on exercising caution. There was real concern about getting recipients of American aid to commit to self-help.

The importance of promoting self-help

Unfortunately, in the United States today there are approximately 7 million welfare recipients who are unemployed and have stopped looking for work. Your willingness to help yourself will be shot.

The socialist-leaning Democrats keep making the same mistake of coddling the needy as if they were completely helpless. They forget the importance of self-help in restoring the human dignity of the people being helped.

That was one of the Democrats’ biggest blunders during that disastrous half-time in power: their imprudent determination to provide too much aid, turning the temporarily unwary into lifelong welfare dependants.

They just don’t understand that real social justice can only be achieved through prudent means.

Social justice and social wisdom are inseparable.


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It’s that older, more circumspect American spirit in seeking justice after World War II that we need to rekindle now. No hesitation, only reasonable direct action, combined with the reasonable and prudent demand that help for self-help is demanded from those who have been helped.

There you go, Congress!

  1. Immediately close and secure the southern border. True justice cannot be served by tolerating the rise of illegal immigration, which is exploited by drug cartels, child traffickers and prostitutes. Deal with the explosion of fentanyl deaths and tackle the drug problems and drug cartels.
  2. Restore law and order and community security that have been undermined by the Democrats. Stop the downsizing of police forces that have faced unfair attacks. Punish all violent crimes and fight public unrest. Protect citizens from repeat offender violence freed by lenient bail programs.
  3. Rule the $4.8 trillion spending frenzy that has funded family and social disintegration and wasted on climate activism that has brought economic chaos and soaring energy prices. Immediately dismantle the careless Democrats’ redistribution programs launched under the guise of fixing the effects of the coronavirus — even as the pandemic receded. Bring the awakened corporations, whose business sense seems to have been corrupted by political ideology, into line and back to business common sense.
  4. Restore Energy Independence. Reopening of pipelines and power plants, granting of exploration permits and incentives for the energy industry to correct the imbalance between supply and demand. End President Joe Biden’s inflationary war on fossil fuels, which are still needed to fuel the economy. Reject and expose delusional claims that blame humanity for climate change and demonize natural gas and fossil fuels. Recognize that natural gas is an essential transitional energy source until renewable energy becomes truly commercially viable.
  5. Building the strength of the US Defense Forces to secure the Pacific. Warn China not to mess with the US. Call on the European Union to take its true responsibility seriously and make its fair contribution to securing the peace between Russia and Ukraine.
  6. Tackling miseducation in schools and restoring parental rights. Ensure basic decorum is taught in families and schools. Dissolve Democrats’ obsession with failed guardianship policies on gender, race and sexual perversity that have disrupted the social fabric of families and communities and contributed enormously to rising drug addiction and homelessness.
  7. Restore the integrity of the upper echelons of the politicized Justice Department, FBI, and other government institutions that have been corrupted. Fire the top ideologues who ran the whole mess.

Piece of cake!

Restore the principle of equality.

Just go back to first principles.

As early as 1948 there was great confidence in the very real value of upholding the principle of equality, as seen in the Republican Party’s policy statement.

“One of the fundamental principles of this republic is the equality of all human beings in their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This principle is formulated in the Declaration of Independence and enshrined in the United States Constitution; it was confirmed on the battlefield and became the cornerstone of that republic. This right to equal opportunity at work and in life should never be restricted on the basis of race, religion, color or country of origin. We encourage the passage and equitable enforcement of such federal statutes as are necessary to uphold this right at all times in every part of this republic.”

Their conclusion is still invaluable today:

“Guided by these principles, with abiding faith in Almighty God; united in the spirit of brotherhood; and making full use of the abilities, resources, and blessings of freedom with which we are endowed; we, the American people, will step forward boldly to meet the challenges of the future.”

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