a breathtaking but bloated retread of a classic

The fight also doesn’t draw punches. Returning director Tetsuya Nomura and his team have cleverly converted these aging turn-based mechanics into real-time movesets, but have still managed to maintain their tactical RPG advantage with abilities and spells that trigger on the fly when the Active Time Battle gauge of a character is full. It’s not perfect, especially when fighting multiple enemies whose overlapping attack patterns are difficult to parry, but when everything clicks – especially in the spectacular boss fights – the results border on ballet.

However, all these orders of magnitude come at a price. Fans were concerned when Nomura announced that his vision for this project was so grand that it would have to be developed and delivered in installments, and that part one would focus solely on Midgar – effectively the original game’s tutorial, a largely linear prequel the glorious open world Odyssey for which it is known.

Nomura’s argument – that his fledgling team wanted to tell the story their way and fill in the gaps between the original’s beats – is solid, but unfortunately, those fan fears have proven to be unfounded. Stretching that original four to five hours of content into a game that runs seven times as long now feels like great folly.

The unfortunate truth is that there just isn’t enough interesting story or content to go around – and that’s coming from a self-confessed obsessive who spent more than 100 hours playing through the original not once, but twice, and getting out every last Easter egg , secret and collectible to find along the way. The hit-and-miss attempts to flesh out supporting characters’ backstories are one thing; Adding cardboard cut out characters with uninspired side quests is extremely inconsequential and smacks of the developers padding the runtime once the decision is made to release episodically.

Much like a classic seventies three-album rock set, Remake is bloated and over-the-top with excessive amounts of filler to endure. Frustratingly, there are numerous standout cuts here: the high camp song and dance routine at the Honeybee Inn; the wonderfully imaginative interactive history exhibit atop Shinra’s headquarters; pretty much anything to do with the flamboyant villain Sephiroth. But there are also too many inconspicuous moments when someone in the studio should have kept an eye on the clock and a stronger nerve in editing.

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/gaming/features/final-fantasy-7-remake-review-breathtaking-bloated-retread-classic/ a breathtaking but bloated retread of a classic


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