A Fox News Reporter Is Driving the White House Crazy by Exposing the Truth About the Border, Biden Insiders Say

When it comes to the Joe Biden White House, journalism hurts.

With the illegal immigrant invasion surpassing the 2 million mark this fiscal year and the issue heating up as the midterm elections draw nearer, the White House has apparently turned to a campaign of whispers to attack one of the few correspondents who linked the story to the American People regularly bring base.

And it uses a mainstay of Washington’s mainstream media to do so.

According to a Tuesday report in Politico’s West Wing Playbook column, anonymous “current and former officials of the White House and administration” have expressed their “increasing frustration” with Fox News’ Bill Melugin and his relentless coverage of Biden’s criminally reckless illegal immigration crisis policies Expressed have created on the southern frontier of the nation.

Thankfully, Melugin doesn’t seem at all intimidated by the attention and posted the Politico report on his Twitter account on Tuesday night…


Don Lemon has the audacity to suggest to the royal analyst that the monarchy should pay reparations, and immediately regrets it

And get a lot of support along the way…

Significantly, the Politico report is headlined “A Doocy on the Border,” implying a connection between Melugin and Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy, one of the few reporters covering the government and the press secretary for the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre, with something of the skeptical professionalism that the job demands.


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(The fact that a single reporter stands out enough to be used in a headline by name simply because he aggressively reports on the White House — without the high school theatrics of a Jim Acosta, say — is itself a damning indictment of the media in the Biden era.)

While the report never questions the accuracy of Melugin’s reporting, it carries the administration’s message that “it has an alarmist quality that aims to feed political narratives rather than highlight the real issues feeding the migrant flow.”

An “alarmist quality” in the mainstream media? And this is being published in the same city where the giants of American journalism — the Washington Post, the New York Times, every major non-Fox network — breathlessly covered the “Russia collusion” and won Pulitzer Prizes for five years . hoax?

If you’ve been in the Biden White House, managing a disastrous illegal immigration crisis with no solution in sight, you might find this type of report “alarmist,” too.

What’s really alarming is the language of the Politico report, which relies on vague, troubling words to convey the idea that the White House has a valid complaint.

Do you think Bill Melugin will be the target of retaliation from the White House?

For example: “An administration official who used to work on immigration issues told West Wing Playbook that the Biden team has complained about the network’s lack of nuance in reporting on the issue, which focuses more on the number of migrants focused than on explaining the root causes of the situation.”

Imagine a journalist who focuses on facts – like the number of migrants – and not on politically driven speculation. (And if that number is a staggering 2.1 million illegal immigrants arrested so far in fiscal 2022, fact is history, not speculation.)

Also, shouldn’t Vice President Kamala Harris investigate this whole “root cause” thing? Or was that perhaps just a political ploy to try and fool the American people?

Politico reported that Melugin published the story of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flying two planeloads of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard last week, a move that brought the issue of illegal immigration more media attention than crime-ridden American communities or illegals in the waters of Martha’s Vineyard drowned the Rio Grande. (The mainstream media has its priorities.)

Politico then noted that Melugin “followed up this story with appearances in Fox News’ prime-time opinion — which some of Fox’s pure-play news reporters particularly avoid — and a series of exclusives on DeSantis’ escalating fight with the Biden White House over migrants.” “.

Putting aside the snide remark about Fox News’ primetime lineup — there’s a reason Fox ratings dominate cable news networks in this country, and it’s not because Greg Gutfeld is pretty funny.

The fact that Melugin followed up his scoop with more coverage of DeSantis’ fight with the Biden White House was portrayed as if it was cause for White House embarrassment rather than the natural progression of a national story .

Perhaps the most troubling part of the report is that it contains no defense from Melugin or any other journalist, suggesting that the whole point of reporting is to convey facts, not the officially sanctioned message from the country’s political rulers.

Had this report spoken of a leading liberal “journalist” targeted by the White House — say, the Acosta Prima Donna act of the Trump years — it almost certainly would have been full of quotes that the practitioners of the Craft defended and paid tribute to the First Change and various hypocrisy from the boot-licking Beltway media.

But it’s about a Fox News reporter carrying no water for a democratic government, which pretty much says the knives are common in the mainstream media for journalists actually doing their jobs.

It’s also a pretty good bet that the knives are out in the federal government itself.

The Biden administration has long since demonstrated its willingness to abuse federal powers to target its opponents (see: Mar-a-Lago, raid on.)

It has no qualms about attacking anyone who harms it.

And as this Politico report shows, Melugin’s journalism hurts.


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https://www.westernjournal.com/fox-news-reporter-driving-white-house-crazy-exposing-truth-border-biden-insiders-say/ A Fox News Reporter Is Driving the White House Crazy by Exposing the Truth About the Border, Biden Insiders Say


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