a smart twist on the sci-fi shooter that doesn’t quite hit the mark

It’s a crisp concept that takes cues from squad-based shooters with the added twist of the gravcycle. Each unit in your talkative band of rebels has their own unique ability – concussive shells, mortar attacks, and time-slowing domes – that can be summoned to hold off waves of red-eyed Rayonne robots in extended skirmishes. You can also chain these abilities together; Hitting a time-slowed group of enemies with a concussion grenade will cause them to stagger longer, making your shots significantly more deadly.

There’s something rather satisfying about a well-executed maneuver as you yell orders while zipping under bridges in your gravcycle and opening fire. This is backed up by hard-hitting gunfire that shatters enemies into scraps and tears through the landscape. An early mission has you fighting across wide open farmlands, armies of robots stomping across fields, bullets turning barns to kindling. That Halo DNA is evident in many of its breezy, autumnal settings.

However, once you get past the initial thrill, Disintegration begins to fall apart. Your teammates’ AI can be extremely frustrating and have little regard for their own safety, even if you’ve ordered them to hold back, caught in the crossfire, and regularly exploding. You can revive your teammates by restoring their “brains” before a new body is airdropped, but leave it too long and the mission will fail completely. A more benevolent mind might surmise that this easy resuscitation is the reason for their cavalier attitude toward death, but that wouldn’t make cleaning up their mess any less irritating.

It’s unfortunately a fairly integral flaw that crops up more and more as you progress. As does the game’s tendency to make its individual skirmishes a little too long, waves of seemingly endless fodder for you to chew through until your attention wanes, bullets ricochet and wait for your friends’ abilities to cool for you to use can again.

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/gaming/features/disintegration-review-smart-twist-sci-fi-shooter-doesnt-quite/ a smart twist on the sci-fi shooter that doesn’t quite hit the mark


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