Alkhallat+ Review – a fun concept that fizzles out in the second half

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The film has a fun concept and an entertaining first half, but the shift in tone makes the second half difficult to enjoy.

We review Alkhallat+ Netflix movie no spoilers.

alchallate+ is an anthology piece that is difficult to do in a two-hour film. Some pieces will be more engaging than others, and it all comes down to which pieces are strong enough to start and end with. If you step into this movie (as I did) without realizing that it’s an anthology series, it’s a little disappointing after the second story.

The first half of this film pulls you in immediately because of the director Fahad Alammari builds his characters. The first story is beautifully shot and has great camerawork to complement the tricks because it comes from a good place. There’s a reason people chose to go through these situations, and you can almost identify with them.

These are simple stories coupled with lessons on how to outsmart the trickster, making for some strong moments throughout.

Alkhallat+ review and plot synopsis

alchallate+ uses the quote “He who has a trick in his pocket, let him use it” right after the first story and the title card falls. This anthology of social deception and tricks is set in four unlikely locations. The first is at a wedding, and before the family attends the wedding, they find out that a tire was about to be stolen from their car, so they bring the thief with them.

The second story is about a young chef who works in the kitchen of an upscale restaurant and wants to bring her parents closer together. In the third story, a widow is grieving the loss of her husband, and his best friend was responsible for taking away his phone so his wife couldn’t see what was on it. The fourth story was about a father and son who got involved in some shenanigans while the mother was away.

All very simple stories can show different situations and how they affect people differently. It also shows a form of loyalty and trust between the characters that constantly shifts from story to story. It’s about how far they are willing to go.

Is Alkhallate+ good?

An anthology is only as good as its strongest story, and unfortunately Alammari didn’t arrange its stories properly to engage audiences. The first two stories are funny and entertaining, and actually have a light-hearted message. It also strongly implies that if you take a situation further than it originally should have gone, karma will come back and get you.

The camera work is the most interesting aspect of the first story because it keeps you engaged through the visuals. However, after the second story it fizzles out because of the tonal shift to the third. It was fun and easy to follow until it devolved into a darker tale of one man’s death and mysteries.

Only for the tone to change back to the fourth story, which was more upbeat and entertaining. Once you’re taken out of that energy that the film started with, it’s kind of harrowing and difficult to get back into the concept that Alammari wanted to present.

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