Angry Moose Charges After Grizzly Who Ate One Of Her Calves At Glacier National Park

Nature is a cruel animal.

Grizzly bears require a lot of food to survive, eating up to 30 pounds a day. The sad truth is that they need to expend as little energy as possible, and this often results in them targeting the youngest and weakest of all other wildlife, and in some cases even their own kind.

Moose are one of these targets and moose calves have a particularly hard time in areas with high grizzly populations.

This case is the perfect example of how tough it can be for moose calves, because when these two cubs were born, a hungry grizzard was already looking for a meal.

A group of tourists got the full show as they sat on a balcony by the lake in Glacier National Park in northern Montana.

“Just outside the Many Glacier Hotel in Glacier National Park, a moose gave birth to two calves.

Almost immediately, a grizzly began stalking them day and night. Safely from a hotel balcony, I was able to record various interactions between the grizzly and the moose.”

Unfortunately, the bear was too relentless.

The next video starts with a fairly young grizzly approaching two moose calves at the lake with their mother standing over them.

Very careful not to make a sudden move and incite an attack, the mother moose tries to get her cubs to move into the water behind her. She’s clearly fed up with the grizzly and knows what these animals are capable of… they’re stone cold killers.

The grizzly approaches and tries to grab one of the calves. He succeeds in the sad scene in which the helpless mother watches her newborn calf fall victim to North America’s fiercest predator.

However, mother moose does not allow her other calf to suffer the same fate.

The next clip shows the moose getting fed up with this grizzly’s shit. The grizzly goes into the second round with the other calf, but there’s no way the mother will let the next calf go that easily.

She starts running the grizzly while chasing it around and down the street. As the grizzly high runs away from him, she’s right on his ass, making sure he gets a clear message.

Their ears are set straight back, a clear sign that this is not a moose to mess with.

Realizing he’s in trouble if he stays close, the grizzly makes his way to safer ground. I mean, one was enough… this bear just got selfish. But will the Grizz be back for more later?

It seems likely…

The things you see in these parks…consider taking a trip this summer. Angry Moose Charges After Grizzly Who Ate One Of Her Calves At Glacier National Park

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