Are Alex and Kitty siblings in XO, Kitty?

Are Alex and Kitty siblings in XO, Kitty? We discuss this pivotal plot point from Netflix’s original love series. This article contains spoilers.

Korean teenage rom-com series XO, Kitty has climbed the TV charts since its initial release on Netflix on May 18, 2023. This hugely successful spin-off series stars Kitty Song Covey (Anna Cathcart) as a plucky international student who moves to Seoul to chase after her long-distance boyfriend Dae.

Not only is it a love story, there is also an intriguing subplot centered around Kitty’s investigation into her mother’s mysterious past. This search for the truth unearths many family secrets, including an adopted child. But fans will be curious if Alex and Kitty are actually siblings on the show.

Are Alex and Kitty siblings in XO, Kitty?

For a while, Kitty thinks she’s Alex’s half-sister, but they’re actually not siblings. Alex and Kitty are not related. Kitty believed that her mother, Eve, was Alex’s mother, but it was all an elaborate cover-up.

Eve and Jina were best friends in the early 1990s, so Eve used her name at the hospital to protect Jina’s image and reputation. Kitty found Alex’s baby bracelet in Eve’s belongings and did more research. From the hospital’s database, she learned that Eve was not listed as the mother and that the baby was adopted by a family in Australia.

Kitty quickly realizes that Alex is the adopted baby as he matches his age and nationality, but after this revelation there was another twist in the story.

Who are Alex’s parents in XO, Kitty?

Alex’s parents are actually Headmistress Jina and Professor Lee. Alex used a parentage test to find out that Professor Lee was his father. This led to him becoming a teacher at KISS (Korean Independent School of Seoul) to get to know his estranged father better.

Then Kitty and Yuri (Jina’s daughter) found out who the mother was. At first, Kitty thought Eve was Alex’s mother, but the two students realized that this was just a cover-up. In the 1993 school yearbook, Jina appears to be pregnant; she is the mother.

Alex eventually confronts Jina about this discovery. Jina admits that she is the mother. She gave Alex up for adoption as she was too young to raise him, which would have hurt her career and reputation. Jina didn’t tell Professor Lee either, wanting to protect him as well, just as he was ready to embark on his own adventures abroad.

Who is Alex’s half sister?

This means that Alex’s half-sister is Yuri. They both have the same mother, Headmistress Jina. Yuri’s parents are Jina and President Han, while Alex’s parents are Jina and Professor Lee. President Han was also unaware of Jina’s secret, just like Yuri and Lee. In the penultimate episode of the season, Jina tells Yuri the truth that she has a half brother and he is her teacher, Alex.

In the end, Jina vows to spend more time with Alex and Yuri. She also speaks privately with Professor Lee and reconciles with her first love, who was totally unaware of all the drama. Hopefully now Alex and Yuri can become friends and Alex can start new relationships with his parents. Are Alex and Kitty siblings in XO, Kitty?

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