Are the Saints & Buccaneers the Most Heated Rivalry in the NFL

What makes the NFL, and the sport in general, special is that there are rivalries. The fact that one team can play heatedly against another team or player with another player adds a new level of intrigue to the game or fight.

Some of the biggest rivalries are Ohio State vs. Michigan, Real Madrid vs. Barcelona, ​​Red Sox vs. Yankees, Duke vs. North Carolina, Steelers vs. Bengals, Giants vs. Cowboys, Packers vs. Bears, and Saints vs. the Falcons .

Over time, however, some classic rivalries fade, but new ones emerge. There are some amazing active rivalries in the NFL. But what’s the best or hottest current NFL rivalry?

In my opinion, there are three rivalries that have emerged as the best/hottest rivalries in the NFL. The crown is up for grabs between these three: the Bills versus the Chiefs, Tom Brady versus Bill Belichick, and the Saints versus the Buccaneers.

What makes a great rivalry for me is that both sides have to see each other as rivals. Whether they admit it outwardly or admit it passively aggressively. There must also be some kind of bad blood involved because that makes the rivalry more of a beef and I’m a huge hip hop fan and there’s nothing quite like beef. And finally, there has to be a great game.

With the Bills and Chiefs, I feel like there are two of them, but not all three. The Bills see the Chiefs as rivals, but it’s not two-sided. The Chiefs view the Bills as a difficult opponent, but not necessarily a rival. That’s what eliminates it for me as the best current rivalry, but it’s right there and to be honest, if Buffalo beats the Chiefs in the playoffs, it immediately becomes the best. Because the spice from last year’s playoff coin toss makes the match-up history. Then add the top two young quarterbacks in the NFL and you have a New Age Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning with Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have the spice of the three. The coaching and player duo won numerous championships together, but when they split it became clear who could win without the other. And Tom won first. That cemented that there will always be some spice between these two until Coach Belichick wins. However, over the years, the rivalry slowly loses its pattern and therefore cannot become number 1. But the fact remains, we’ll always wonder who was at the root of the Patriots’ success. And it doesn’t hurt that they throw each other out into the universe with little passive-aggressive comments.

Now we finally come to the saints and the privateers. This rivalry has all three qualities. There have been great games between the two teams, both teams consider each other rivals, and finally there is so much SPICE that Popeyes can use the spice between the two as a seasoning for her chicken for several years.

I know you may be thinking that the Buccaneers won the playoff game that mattered during the Brady era. However, the Bucs can’t get over how many times the Saints have beaten them in the regular season. So much so that beating the Saints this year was a goal for Tom Brady. Although the Saints didn’t win the playoff game in 2020, the Bucs still view the Saints as rivals.

(Before the Bucs win last Sunday)

Well, as for the spice and intensity, it’s there. This team has fought twice in the last 5 years. Marshon Lattimore and Mike Evans tried. So much so that Mike Evans landed two separate cheap shots at Lattimore that started a fight. And after the last matchup linebacker, Devin White was so upset with the Saints that he called out Jameis and really knocked him out after a win. There’s bad blood between the Saints and the Bucs, no doubt about that, and it’s by far the hottest/best rivalry of the moment.

Like I said, if the Bills beat the Chiefs in the playoffs this year, they’ll jump to number one, but until then it’s the Saints and the Buccaneers. Both teams are circling the dates they play each other, and the Bucs have won Game 1 this season, so you best believe the Saints are looking forward to Game 2.

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