As Dems push green policies, the entire state of Wyoming just sent them a message they can’t ignore

As the Biden administration and its Greenie allies continue to push headlong towards electric vehicles, the state of Wyoming seems to be going in exactly the opposite direction.

State lawmakers are considering new legislation that would phase out electric vehicles by 2035, a policy that goes completely against states like New York and California, which, in line with the green agenda, want to phase out gas-powered cars and boost electric vehicles.

The invoice, SJ0004is sponsored by state Senators Jim Anderson, Brian Boner, Ed Cooper, Dan Dockstader and Representatives Donald Burkhart Jr. and Bill Henderson to ensure “the stability” of its oil and gas industry, according to the Tesla industry news site Teslarati.

Lawmakers say the state’s proud oil industry has created “countless jobs” and “contributed to revenue for the state of Wyoming throughout the state’s history.”

“The proliferation of electric vehicles at the expense of gas-powered vehicles will have detrimental effects on Wyoming communities and will be detrimental to Wyoming’s economy and the country’s ability to efficiently participate in commerce,” officials said.


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The group said that among other issues, the state’s lack of EV charging infrastructure “would make widespread EV deployment unfeasible for the state.”

Lawmakers also say electric vehicles pose an environmental problem because the massive battery packs are “not readily recyclable or disposable,” forcing the state to develop new policies and facilities for disposing of the batteries.

“Pending sales of new electric vehicles in Wyoming by 2035 will ensure the stability of Wyoming’s oil and gas industry and help conserve the country’s critical minerals for vital uses,” the bill adds.

“In 2021, Wyoming ranked eighth nationwide for crude oil production, producing 85.43 million barrels of crude oil. In February 2022, a study by Allied Market Research found that the global EV market will increase in value fivefold by 2030. In 2020, the EV market size was estimated at US$163.01 billion. The new study projects that figure will reach $823.74 billion by 2030,” Teslarati noted.

Do you think Wyoming is wise to do this?

Meanwhile, despite the supply chain issue, the Biden administration is pushing electric vehicles for what they’re worth — especially for those pricey battery packs.

Biden is also trying to channel taxpayer dollars into mining interests in China and Canada to fuel his obsession with electric vehicles.

While most automakers believe in the idea of ​​pushing electric vehicles forward, at least one industry leader isn’t so sure. Toyota Motor Corp. President Akio Toyoda recently said that there is a “silent majority” of industry insiders who secretly believe that going all-electric isn’t necessarily the best idea.

“People working in the auto industry are largely a silent majority,” Toyoda said in December. “This silent majority is wondering if electric vehicles really are okay as the only option. But they think it’s the trend, so they can’t say it out loud.”

Wyoming’s debate is also further evidence of how green politics is dividing America.


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As Biden and the rest of the far left seek to push unachievable climate goals — like net-zero emissions policies — and leftists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders denigrate opponents of the green agenda, others are pushing against the radical Greens and their demands.

In fact, Wyoming officials spoke out against the EV trend last October, when the state government rejected the green agenda and said it had no plans at all to convert its state-owned vehicle fleets to EVs.

Cowboy State residents seem to agree with their elected officials. As of December 31, Wyoming had just 510 electric vehicles, just 0.04 percent of the state’s registered vehicles electr.

Electrek also found that several other states have similarly few EVs, including North Dakota (220), South Dakota (410), West Virginia (600), Mississippi (780), and Montana (940). Perhaps unsurprisingly, California leads with a whopping 425,300 EV registrations.

Perhaps the message Wyoming is sending to the Green Party will be heard by lawmakers in other states, and a new trend to reverse the march toward electric vehicles will begin in earnest. As Dems push green policies, the entire state of Wyoming just sent them a message they can’t ignore

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