Barbarians season 2, episode 5 recap

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“Doomed” prepares a grand finale in an hour full of character and action.

This Barbarians Season 2 Episode 5 recap for the episode titled “Doomed” contains spoilers.

It’s like the Romans, launching a surprise attack against unarmed opponents from a safe distance.

As we discovered at the very end barbarians Season 2, Episode 4Thanks to Gaius’ treachery, Germanicus and Flavus had led the Roman legions to the Thing, hoping to wipe out all barbarian Reiks at once. They launch their attack in the form of volleys of arrows from a nearby hill, causing many casualties – including Odvulf and Marbod’s wife Odarike – until they are driven off by a manic Folkwin, who slices through their ranks with anger and apparently unafraid of his own possible death had already – or so he believes – sacrificed his life for Dido.

Recap of Season 2 Episode 5 of The Barbarians

Both Germanicus and Flavus return to the Roman camp to a standing ovation, but they are not pleased with themselves for long. Tiberius is furious and chew them both to pieces. (“I preferred you when you were all talking,” is a particularly savage barb aimed at Germanicus.) The peace he carefully cultivated as an illusion has been shattered, and he need look no further for evidence than after his own goals. Marbod comes demanding the heads of Germanicus and Flavus on pikes, and something tells me he won’t take no for an answer.

Marbod summons the full might of the Marcomanni army. But as he is mourning he is unable to greet her, so an emissary must be sent in his stead. Whoever leaves must convince the army to follow them, and since Ari is not trusted in the East, it must be Thusnelda. And since Ari doesn’t want her to make the four-day trip alone, he wants Folkwin to accompany her.

The long journey is a good excuse for a few flirtatious banter and a few very serious conversations, but the relationship remains platonic – Thusnelda even confirms that she loves Ari, although she admits that Folkwin will always be closest to her and know her best . However, they are both distracted by each other when they encounter Gaius.

Now Gaius has spent the episode hiding in the woods like the snooty little coward he is, but he’s developed something of a backbone during his excursions. When he encounters some patrolling Romans, who just so happen to be one of those who made life difficult for him earlier in the camp, he head butts him and runs away. When he stumbles upon Thusnelda and Folkwin, he has made a pretty important discovery.

It is this discovery that the Romans bring in countless more troops on ships that Germanicus smugly keeps even after Ari kidnaps him. The barbarians were outwitted. They have scouts all over the streets, but they don’t watch the water. It’s too late to adapt now. They are immediately overwhelmed by a much larger force approaching from an angle they had not anticipated.

No wonder Germanicus smiles. Ari should have let Dido kill her when she had the chance.

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