‘Beckham’ review: Why the Netflix documentary is so popular

BeckhamNetflix’s new limited documentary series about the legendary footballer and his family didn’t take long to make a name for itself on the streaming service.

The show has come knocking Enlightenment lessons Season 4 has pretty convincingly pushed itself off the top of the TV streaming charts, It received 12.4 million views in the first week in Netflix’s English language category.

Why does a sports documentary about a retired English footballer attract so many viewers? Are football fans tuning in? Spice Girls fans wanting to see more of Victoria Beckham? Or are people just interested in the celebrity element?

“Beckham” goes beyond being a sports documentary and is winning fans in every corner.

The genius of Beckham Documentary – directed, somewhat surprisingly, by Succession Star Fisher Stevens – is that it is perfectly tailored to all of these groups. How Welcome to Wrexham And Last chance U, Beckham goes beyond the term “sports documentary” and wins fans everywhere.

Beckham is a story about fame and celebrity.

People who are interested in reality TV or are simply fascinated by celebrities will find what they are looking for here Beckham gripping. Although they don’t appear in the news nearly as much these days, David and Victoria Beckham were ubiquitous in the ’90s and early ’00s. Her marriage and career were pored over by the tabloids and documented by paparazzi, an era that is becoming increasingly troubling in the 2020s.


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In fact, the documentary doesn’t shy away from this; The dark side of fame takes center stage. David’s public treatment following the red card during England’s 1998 World Cup match against Argentina and Victoria’s portrayal following the couple’s difficult move to Spain are discussed in detail – as is the toll these things took on her mental health. In a similar way as Framing Britney Spears offered an unpleasant look back at a celebrity’s terrible treatment in the spotlight, Beckham makes us question our own intense interest in fame.

A man in "Beckham" Soccer jersey kicks a ball.

Beckham, mid-bend.
Photo credit: Netflix

There’s enough football in it to appeal to sports fans.

Beckham creates the right balance between interviews and pitch recordings. Important games from Beckham’s time at Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy and his time in the England national team will be reviewed and commented on by the players themselves. If you’re unfamiliar with the games, it’ll be an exciting history lesson, but even if you are Are It’s still a dramatic repeat. The documentary has selected some of the most exciting football moments from Beckham’s career – even if you’re not a football fan, they’ll grab your attention. And all can appreciate the beauty of these free kicks.

There’s also a lot for Spice Girls fans.

Have you seen the clip that went viral on TikTok? Beckham criticizes Posh’s attempts to convince the interviewer that she grew up working class? Well, there’s plenty more where that came from, as Victoria Beckham (née Adams) plays a major role – including plenty of ’90s footage of her and her fellow Spice Girls on tour.

A man and a woman stand smiling in the stands of a football stadium.

Posh and Becks.
Photo credit: Netflix

If you grew up in the 90s, nostalgia is high.

90s kids, even those who weren’t particularly interested in football or the Spice Girls, will still find something Beckham. When two celebrities are this big, they immerse themselves in every element of popular culture, from the fashion and slicked-back hairstyles to Gurinder Chadha’s 2002 film Do like Beckham. Watching the documentary is a journey into the past.

Is it perfect? Now, it’s important to note that with Beckham himself as executive producer, the story we see will obviously be biased to some extent. But the series still covers both the bad and the good, and is ultimately both an entertaining look at one of the world’s greatest sporting careers and an important reminder of the damage our collective obsession with those in the public eye can cause. can do.

How to watch: Beckham is now streaming on Netflix.

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