Biden Administration Considers Ousting Trump-Appointed World Bank Chief Because of His Answer to a Climate Change Question: Report

Days after former Vice President Al Gore urged President Joe Biden to remove David Malpass as President of the World Bank, a report said a trial could be in the works.

Malpass was appointed to a five-year term in 2019 after being appointed by former President Donald Trump to head the bank, whose mission is to assist developing countries.

Gore called Malpass a “climate denier” during a climate change event Tuesday, according to The New York Times.

According to the Times report, Malpass called the remark “very strange” and quoted him as saying, “What we need to do is move forward with impactful projects.”

But that wasn’t all he said, according to Reuters. Malpass was asked if he believed burning fossil fuels made the planet more dangerous.


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“I do not even know. I’m not a scientist,” Malpass replied.

With critics on social media howling for Malpass’s head, the Biden White House has begun to figure out a way to give it to them, Axios said, citing unnamed sources.

Although protocol stipulates that the head of the World Bank should be an American, the selection process is indirect, as the bank’s board of directors authorizes the election of the president.

“It’s a challenge for the Biden administration to just say this isn’t our man, we need to remove him. There isn’t much precedent for that,” Scott Morris, a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, told the New York Times.

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The Times report portrayed the Biden administration as divided, “with some officials wanting President Biden to request his resignation or attempt to orchestrate his removal, and others not wanting to start a new tradition that would mean World Bank leaders… to be replaced when the US presidency switches hands.”

According to the Times report, the Biden White House could use the incident to pressure Malpass to resign.

Malpass, meanwhile, has tried to mollify his critics. The Times cited a memo to staff that offered an answer to the question, which he didn’t answer Tuesday.

In the memo, he wrote: “It is clear that greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are causing climate change, and that the surge in consumption of coal, diesel and heavy fuel oil in both advanced economies and developing countries is fueling another wave of climate change, the climate crisis.” .”

“It is clear that greenhouse gas emissions come from man-made sources, including fossil fuels. I’m not a denier,” he wrote.


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The same tone came through in an interview with CNN on Thursday.

When asked about Gore’s claim, Malpass replied, “I don’t know the political motivation behind it. It is clear that greenhouse gas emissions come from man-made sources, including fossil fuels, methane, agricultural and industrial uses. And that is why we are working hard to change that.”

Malpass said fossil fuels “clearly” affect climate.

“I’m not a denier,” he said, adding that he’s “not always good at conveying” what he wanted to say.

Bur critics seemed adamant,

“There is no place for a climate denier at the head of the World Bank,” Jules Kortenhorst, executive director of the Rocky Mountain Institute, told the Times. “David Malpass has to resign. The World Bank deserves a passionate leader who fully recognizes the threat that climate change poses to poverty reduction, improved living standards and sustainable growth.”

“At this point, it is clear that he is trying to hold on to his job following the diplomatic admonition from the US Treasury Department and other shareholders yesterday,” said Luísa Abbott Galvão, senior international political activist at Friends of the Earth. “Malpass has been making climate-denying comments for over a decade. We cannot have a situation where a World Bank President says nice things in public but works behind the scenes to block action and that is exactly what we have seen in his three years as World Bank President.” Biden Administration Considers Ousting Trump-Appointed World Bank Chief Because of His Answer to a Climate Change Question: Report

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