Blind – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

A certain promise

Episode 5 of Blind begins at the Hope Welfare Center. The children continue to be pushed to their limits and forced to do hard labour. Sung-Joon and the other kids find little moments of happiness when they clean the bathroom and splash water on each other.

However, they soon stop when Sergeant Choi shows up. He immediately grabs one of them and forces the kid to clean everything with his tongue. If not, his skull will be broken in half.

Moon-Kang comes next, pacing the room and telling them that they are going to have visitors soon and he doesn’t want an incident that happened 3 years ago to happen again. Here one of the children passed on a note asking for help. Crazy Dog takes Yoon-Jae’s (Sung-Joon?) necklace, so Number 11 gives Yoon-jae his instead.

In the present, a battered and bloodied Sung-Joon finds a phone booth and ponders who to call. He can’t call the police because they work with Moon-kang. So who? Well, Eun-Ki.

Sung-Joon still has her business card in his pocket and he shakily pulls it out and decides to call her. He asks her discretion and gives her the address of the pay phone. However, when she arrives, it is covered in blood. Exhausted, Sung-Joon hides under a tarpaulin. She takes him in the back seat of her car, but there’s a problem. A black car approaches. It’s Moon Kang.

Luckily, Eun-Ki thinks quickly and pretends to be hiding in the back seat, feigning drunk when Moon-kang opens the door and searches it. Since Moon-Kang has a knife, Eun-Ki realizes that Sung-Joon is in trouble.

However, when Yeom finds out that Sung-Joon Moon-Kang slipped through his fingers, he’s not happy. As a result, Moon-kang tries to find Sung-Joon and returns to Eun-Ki’s car, which just so happens to have the Children’s Center logo all over it. Why did she take her work car? However, things don’t look good for Eun-Ki while she doesn’t know what might happen as she tries to patch up Sung-Joon.

A package of “Man-Chun” is sent to Sung-Hoon, which happens to be a knife with a message attached. Sung-Hoon opens it and notices that it reads “Murderer who made an innocent man guilty”. This only ups the ante as the police work to find Sung-Joon, who they believe is responsible for the murder of Man-Chun’s family and is the real Joker killer. But not only that, Won-Woong was also killed.

When Sung-Joon reads about the boy’s death on the internet, he is shocked. He calls Seok-Goo – one of the working officers – and asks about the cause of death, which happens to be asphyxiation. While he can’t call the guy again since his boss almost finds out about the secret call, it’s at least something to work with.

The most important thing right now is that Sung-Joon is trying to clear his name, and Eun-Ki plays a key role in that. However, there is evidence incriminating Sung-Joon at the scene, including a strand of hair and fingerprints on the murder weapon. There is also a button from Sung-Joon’s sleeve on the roof railing that we now learn actually belonged to Sung-Joon.

Did the pair wrestle for control, resulting in Man-Chun being pushed off the roof? That’s certainly the theory Sung-Hoon is currently wrestling with.

Moon-kang shows up at the children’s center determined to find Sung-Joon. He’s not alone either, and while Sung-Joon is hiding, Moon-kang starts digging around. Eun-Ki shows up and immediately calls the police. They luckily don’t find Sung-Joon since he’s upstairs in the attic, but it’s definitely blown away for a while.

Alone, Sung-Joon admits to Eun-Ki that he was adopted by Sung-Hoon’s family and he actually overheard them talking about how much they regretted that decision. Their public image is more important to them than Sung-Joon’s well-being, which we’ve seen firsthand.

Eun-Ki agrees to try and help and runs into Sung-Hoon in the courthouse. She hands him a note from Sung-Joon asking for help and to meet him at 7:00 p.m. and implores him to believe his brother that he didn’t kill anyone. Unfortunately, Sung-Hoon hands over the note, which is returned to Moon-Kang and the officials. They have a lot of police on the case and at the meeting he makes sure the area is surrounded by officers.

Sung-Joon falls straight into the trap and has to flee from the police. Luckily he does and makes it back to the children’s center attic. Sung-Joon hangs his head as he realizes he really is alone and his brother isn’t going to help him…or is he? Sung-Hoon turns up without the police being around.

The Episode Recap

An interesting and somewhat muted episode of Blind seems to show that Sung-Hoon isn’t the Joker Killer after all and that he will help Sung-Joon. At this point, I think he might actually be the 11-year-old boy from the children’s center. Sung-Joon clearly looks up to him and it may well be that he allowed Sung-Joon to come into his family and maybe something happened that soured their relationship. Either way, it’s an intriguing mystery.

There’s not much plot progression this time, but what we do get is a reminder of just how alone Sung-Joon really is. This is obviously a very personal case for whoever this killer is, especially given the way they are targeting Sung-Joon. Or it could well be that Sung-Joon suffers from multiple personality disorder. We have to wait!

For now, though, Blind is setting things up beautifully for the next installment, which should be quite an intriguing watch.

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Expect a full season description when this season ends! Blind – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

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