Boost Your Confidence By Cutting Out These 11 Phrases

There are so many factors in life that contribute to our confidence, or lack thereof. How much we weigh, what clothes we wear where, even the style of our hair can all lead to low self-esteem.

However, according to psychologists, there are parts of our language and how we speak that can also affect our confidence.

After a little research, these psychologists discovered that there are 11 phrases we use all too often that dampen our confidence. These phrases are:

  1. “I have to do this.”
  2. “I can not do that.”
  3. “I shouldn’t do that.”
  4. “Why is this happening to me?”
  5. “I should never have done that.”
  6. “I failed.”
  7. “If only I had done _____.”
  8. “That is too complicated.”
  9. “That’s not fair.”
  10. “That will never change.”
  11. “Never” (or “always”)

The thing is, it’s not just about cutting out those phrases. It’s about what we should to say. So what are the better alternatives?

  1. “I have to do that.”
  2. “I can try that.”
  3. “I will/I will not do that.”
  4. “What do I learn from this?”
  5. “Because I did that, I know _____.”
  6. “That attempt didn’t work.”
  7. Nothing!
  8. “I don’t understand now.”
  9. “I can still handle it!”
  10. “I can change my approach.”
  11. Avoid absolutes altogether!

What many people don’t realize is that the way they speak to themselves can be some of the hardest words they will ever hear.

So if you’re feeling down and could use a little boost, try this suggestion. What harm could it do to be a little nicer to yourself?

10 little things that grind our gears in a big way

The following points are things that might not even appear on your radar on a normal day. However, on a day when all the little things aren’t to your liking, these might push you over the edge. It’s better you laugh at her now than make a mistake and have to call a lawyer later. Boost Your Confidence By Cutting Out These 11 Phrases

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