Boris Johnson ‘has until autumn’ to save job

Mr Johnson tried to reassert his political authority over his party in a speech in Blackpool, made a fresh pledge to cut taxes and said the rising burden – which is expected to hit a 70-year high – was a “deviation”. , which should be undone.

He also vowed to complete Margaret Thatcher’s Right to Buyers’ Revolution by extending the policy to housing associations and pledged to deliver more 95 percent mortgages.

However, no details were given as to when or how tax cuts would come. sketchbook author Madeleine Grant says Mr Johnson’s latest offering is a hodgepodge of a meal.

Putin could use the “sham” death sentence as leverage

Russia is expected to use the death sentence imposed on two British men to step up its pressure for a prisoner swap with a close personal friend of Vladimir Putin.

Aiden Aslin, 28, and Shaun Pinner, 48, have been found guilty of “mercenary activity” by a court in the separatist regions of eastern Ukraine.

Both men served in the Ukrainian military for several years and were captured when Russian troops took the port city of Mariupol. Britain condemned the “sham” verdict.

Correspondent for Russia Natalia Vasilyeva says the pair would “probably ask for a pardon,” raising the possibility of a prisoner swap with Viktor Medvedchuk – one of Putin’s closest allies.

It came as Kyiv condemned the verdict as invalid. Follow updates on our live blog.

The time to have breakfast when you want to lose weight

If you’ve just eaten your breakfast, you might be doing everything wrong.

One nutrition expert has said that delaying the first meal of the day is better for an individual’s health and helps shed unwanted weight.

People tend to have dinner later than previous generations, often finishing around 9pm.

According to Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, the best way for human metabolism is to wait a few hours longer before eating.

science correspondent Joe Pinkstone explains the best time to eat breakfast to lose weight.

Today’s political cartoon

In his latest cartoon davey imagines a ray of hope in Boris Johnson’s mailbag. Frosted is absent, but check out his latest work.

Also in the news: Today’s other headlines

“Lighting the Flame” of the attack | Donald Trump has been accused by the Congressional Committee investigating the US Capitol Riot on January 6, 2021 of attempting a coup. In a prime-time television hearing, the committee laid out its case after a year-long investigation that involved 1,000 job interviews. As US Editor Nick Allen According to reports from Washington, it played some recordings that had never been seen publicly before. Meanwhile, Joe Biden blamed a “clickbait culture” in the media for the American public’s poor perception of his presidency.

Around the World: Rock Damages Super Telescope

NASA’s £8 billion space telescope was damaged by a micrometeoroid that knocked over one of its mirror segments before its first deployment. The collision was the largest since the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, the world’s most powerful space-based observatory, which was launched in December. It was also much larger than the agency had planned. Verity Bowman explains why scientists can only fix bugs from the ground. Boris Johnson ‘has until autumn’ to save job

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