Boy Is Fired For Helping Disabled Man, Next Day He Receives A News That Changed His Life – Women After 40

A friendly salesman helps a disabled customer shop and gets fired. The next day he gets a new job where he earns five times as much.

Johnny Kelly loved his job. He worked in the grocery store and enjoyed working with people. He already knew most customers by name and everyone loved him for his helpful, friendly manner.

Unfortunately, his boss, Mr. Tyrell, was less impressed. He was a sour, hard man; Only one thing mattered to him – money. One day Johnny’s kindness angered him and Mr. Tyrell reacted…

It all started on a Wednesday afternoon when a new customer walked in. The man hobbled on clutches, and his tucked-up pant leg showed he’d lost a limb.

Johnny could see the man struggling with his crutches and the shopping cart, pulling what he wanted off the shelves. He called the other customer’s purchases and kept an eye on the disabled man.

Twenty minutes later, the man was standing in line at Johnny’s register. “Hi!” Johnny said to the man with a smile. “How are you?”

Kindness is more important in life than money.
“I’m fine,” said the man.

Johnny nodded towards the man’s crutches and asked, “Are you a veteran?”

“Yes,” said the man. “Middle East … I have a prosthesis but my residual limb has an ulcer so I’ll have to use these crutches for a few months.”

“Man!” Johnny flinched. “That is hard!”

“Listen,” said the man. “I’m better off than a lot of other guys I’ve served with. I’m not complaining!”

Johnny packed the man’s purchases into two bags and watched as he struggled to get hold of the two bags and the crutches. “Hold tight!” he cried. Johnny turned to the other customers. “Would you please wait a few minutes?”

Johnny grabbed the man’s shopping bags and followed him into the parking lot. There Johnny put the man’s purchases in his suitcase and said goodbye.

As he walked back into the store he saw Mr. Tyrell standing next to Johnny’s until he had crossed his arms and looked very angry. “Where were you?” he asked angrily. “The customers are waiting!”

“Sorry, Mr. Tyrell,” Johnny said. “There was this gentleman with only one leg, and he couldn’t carry his groceries…” One of the customers in the line interrupted before Mr Tyrell could reply.

“This young man was very kind,” he said. “I didn’t mind waiting!” The other customers agreed, and Mr. Tyrell smiled, but his eyes were freezing.

When he finished work, he called Johnny into his office and held out a pink note and a check. “I don’t care what those other fools say. You are here to work, not to do charity!” he said. “Every moment you’re not at work costs me money.

“Making money is what life is about, you know? I’m fed up with your junk. You’re fired!”

Johnny looked at Mr. Tyrell’s angry face and knew there was no point in arguing. He picked up his check and walked out. He had to start looking for a job immediately. His mother depended on him.

At 7:00 the next morning, Johny was at the bus stop waiting to head into town to look for work. A car pulled up and a friendly voice greeted him. “You there! Need a ride to the store?”

It was the man from the day before! “Hello,” Johnny said. “I don’t go to the store. I don’t work there anymore.”

The man looked surprised. “Why not?” he asked.

Johnny blushed and explained, “Mr. Tyrell said I’d been away from the register for too long. He fired me.”

The man looked annoyed. “That was because of me!” he cried. “Get in the car. I’ll take you anywhere you want.”

“I’m going into town to look for a job,” Johnny said.

“Are you?” the man said. “So what else can you do besides working at a grocery store?”

Johnny looked embarrassed. “My mom says the only thing I’m good at is video games,” he confessed.

“For real!” the man said. He looked interested. “What do you play and how are your scores?”

To Johnny’s surprise, the man knew a lot about video games and seemed quite impressed with Johnny’s opinions and ideas about games.

“Would you like to work for me?” asked the man.

“For you?” Johnny asked. “To do something?”

“I would like you to share with my game developer some of the ideas that you have shared with me,” the man said. “I own a company that develops games. I think you fit right in!”

A week later, Johnny started working at the man’s company and he loved it. His boss insisted he go back to school and take night classes at the local college, but Johnny didn’t mind.

His one-legged friend wasn’t just a great boss; he was a mentor. Although it was difficult at first, with his help, Johny gradually became the best developer in the company.

He was making five times what he was making in the grocery store doing something he loved, building a future for himself, and it all started with a kind gesture. Boy Is Fired For Helping Disabled Man, Next Day He Receives A News That Changed His Life – Women After 40

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