Buck joins a deer hunter for lunch right in his own tree stand

Where is this guy hunting? Because I want to participate…

Anywhere the buck comes right into your tree stand is where every deer hunter wants to be. This stuff just doesn’t happen.

These deer are too smart, something like this only happens when there is a large population present.

White-tailed deer are one of the most popular big game animals in North America. They are found in the United States, Canada, and parts of Mexico and are known for their distinctive white tail, which they raise and wag when alarmed. They are also known for their large, branched antlers, which the males grow and shed each year.

One of the things that makes white-tailed deer such a desirable wild animal is their size. Adult bucks can weigh up to 300 pounds and stand up to 3.5 feet at the shoulder. Their size combined with their maneuverability and speed make them a challenging and rewarding hunt.

But hunting white-tailed deer isn’t just about the hunt and the kill, it’s also about the thrill of being out in nature and experiencing the great outdoors. The crisp fall air, the crunch of leaves underfoot, and the anticipation of catching a glimpse of a buck are all part of the experience.

This makes it so wild that there wouldn’t be much anticipation or excitement to see a deer come with you for lunch.

“Another cold December day up here by the trees. I don’t see much, might as well go ahead and have some lunch”

As the camera pans around a big old white-tailed deer, he’s eating right off this man’s plate.

The beautiful 7-pointer would be a shooter by many hunters’ standards, but not for this guy…it’s just his lunch in the stands.

This is the hunting companion we all need…

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https://www.whiskeyriff.com/2023/01/12/buck-joins-a-deer-hunter-right-in-his-own-tree-stand-for-lunch/ Buck joins a deer hunter for lunch right in his own tree stand


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