Buddy Daddies Season 1 Episode 3 release date, time and where to watch

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We discuss Crunchyroll anime series Buddy Daddies Season 1 Episode 3 predictions, giving release date and where to watch online.

Although not as strong as the premiere, Episode 2 of buddy dads nevertheless laid the foundation for an interesting season. Kazuki (voiced by Toshiyuki Toyonaga) and Rei (voiced by Koki Uchiyama) were tasked with another mission, but juggling work on top of newfound fatherhood ultimately proved too much for them. You definitely need to find a better way to hold on Miri (voiced by Hina Kino) sure while they’re on missions or something has to give way. With a new mysterious assassin, things are likely to get worse for the couple before they get better.

  • The episode begins with Miri knocking on Kazuki’s door and needing to use the bathroom. He throws her into the room, not realizing that she’s too small to reach the toilet seat or sink.
  • Miri tries to help Kazuki eat breakfast, but only makes things worse. Rei allows Miri to look at his video game collection, but she messes that up too.
  • In the note Miri’s mother left to her father, the human trafficker they killed in the last episode, she asks him to raise her. Kazuki and Rei think that bringing Miri back to her mother would be for the best, but realize they don’t know where to find her. They try to ask Miri, but the only helpful knowledge she has is that her mother sings at work.
  • Kazuki and Rei decide to ask Kyutaro for help to get information about Miri’s father and leave her at home alone.
  • Kyutaro scolds them for not being discreet enough at the Christmas party before offering the men another job. They ask about Miri’s father and he tells them he will take care of it.
  • As they exit Kyutaro’s cafe, a mysterious man walks in. He says he will be in town for a while and asks to be informed of upcoming jobs. He leaves his number on a piece of paper with the name Ogino Ryo written on it.
  • When Rei and Kazuki get home, they find the house trashed and immediately assume there has been an intruder. Instead, they discover that it was Miri who was playing hide and seek.
  • Kazuki reads that her latest target is a drug lord with a heavily guarded mansion. They wonder how to break in, but a game of hide-and-seek with Miri gives Kazuki an idea.
  • They try to leave Miri at home while they go on the mission and bribe her with snacks. At first she’s fine, but then she starts crying so loud they end up taking her away and leaving her in the car.
  • Kazuki is supposed to sneak into the house and detonate explosives disguised as a security guard. He tries to go to the door but is stopped by Miri, who says she needs to go to the bathroom. He asks her to hold it and goes in anyway.
  • While Kazuki is working, Miri rings the doorbell and a henchman allows her to use the bathroom.
  • Miri sees Kazuki in the living room and draws attention to him. Seeing that he is not at his post, the henchman begins chasing after Kazuki, who begins chasing after Miri as she runs away to start a game of hide and seek.
  • Kazuki and Miri end up in the target’s room surrounded by security guards.
  • Rei starts shooting at henchmen from the backyard before getting into a gunfight. The three flee and escape by speedboat.
  • At home, Kyutaro calls to tell them that while they were away from the mission, he found some information about Miri’s father that he will send over.
  • The episode ends with Ogino knocking out the target instead.

Buddy Daddies Season 1 Episode 3 release date and time

Episode 3 is scheduled to be released on Crunchyroll on Friday January 20th, 2023. The release time is 12:30 ET. Episode 3’s title is currently unknown, but it will run for approximately 23 minutes.

where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch buddy dads Season 1 Episode 3 on with a Crunchyroll subscription on the above date.


Predicting Buddy Daddies turned out to be harder than I thought as it looks like nothing I suspected came true this week. Being so early in the series it may take a few weeks to get a feel for it, but let’s see if I have better luck this time.

  • Kyutaro called to say he had information about Miri’s father. While he doesn’t yet know that Kazuki and Rei have Miri, I think he already suspects something and will likely find out fully in the next episode.
  • There is no way Kazuki and Rei can continue to take Miri on missions. However, I can see them teaching her to at least come and not make noise, almost like a game. I might also see the show introduce a new character, maybe her mother or a babysitter to help out.

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