Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 11 Summary


This episode seemed slower than the last few; it answered some important questions. It feels like viewers can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We are rounding up Crunchyroll anime series Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 11, “Jailbreak” that contains spoilers.

It’s hard not to be surprised by every episode of such an unpredictable series Bungo Stray Dogsbut no one could have seen the end of episode 10 Come. Although viewers finally know who the fifth is hunting dog is that information on the potential price comes from Yosano’s life. Whether or not Tachihara has spared remains to be seen, but with her checkered past it is not very likely. While we can only hope that her gifting skills will save her now, it seems Armed detective agency just gained another lifelong enemy in the process.

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 11 Summary

The episode begins with Mushitaro write a letter to his deceased friend Yokomizu since he is in captivity. Suddenly, Atsushi And Kyoka emerge from the ceiling ready to break him out.

Despite his reluctance to share his knowledge of the angels’ decay with them, Mushitaro relents when he uses the word “manuscript”. Ranpo told Kyoka to bring it up, knowing Mushitaro wouldn’t be able to resist if they did. Though frustrated that they are using the manuscript against him, Mushitaro still agrees to escape with them, only to unsuccessfully attempt to sabotage the group as they sneak out.

What organization does Ango Sakaguchi head?

Seeing Ango and his men around the bank, Mushitaro explains that Ango Sakaguchi is the head of a criminal organization called the Seventh Agency. It’s a government-run group that cleans up crime scenes, covers up political scandals and more.

They have used Mushitaro’s abilities in the past, and he knows that if he is caught again now, he will be held captive by the group forever.

How do Mushitaro, Atsushi and Kyoka escape the bank?

As Ango and his men approach them, Mushitaro sees a vision of Yokomizu comparing their situation to that of a well-written crime novel and giving him an idea. They quickly hide in one of the bank vaults and disappear as Ango and his troops check the room. There is no sign that they dug up to escape, leaving the organization perplexed when in reality Mushitaro was using Kyoka’s ability, Demon Snow, to distract Ango down the hall as they hid in another room and each other sneaked out. Despite making it safely to a nearby alley, Ango still manages to catch them before they can completely disappear down the sewers.

After you capture them, ango reveals that his ability allows him to extract memories from the objects he touches, allowing him to see what they are up to. The group is sure it’s over for them as Ango pulls out his and takes three shots. Instead of shooting the trio, however, he only pretends before shoving them down the sewers. After throwing his troops off their trail, Ango instead helps them escape by car, revealing that he was secretly working with them Dazai to help them all the time.

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Knowing that all prisoners at Mersault are equipped with vital signs monitors, Dazai manipulates his heart rate to send messages. Ango then uses his government credentials to retrieve the information and decrypt the messages.

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 11 ending explained

Despite Ango’s willingness to help, Mushitaro remains skeptical because he works for the government. Then Ango reveals he doesn’t work for the Seventh Agency and so on Fyodor lied to keep the two men from ever engaging with each other out of fear.

In order to be able to speak freely and safely, the group closes Anne chamber to see Lucy and hear Ango’s explanation. Despite not being with the Seventh Agency, Ango reveals that he only enlisted their services once to wipe out Dazai’s past crimes, which allowed him to live outside of the Port Mafia. He also tells them that he believes there is a spy within the government, making it impossible to trust anyone.

Knowing that Fyodor was trying to keep them apart on purpose, Ango asks Mushitaro to reveal what information Fyodor was trying so hard to hide from him. Mushitaro tells them what he knows about the Angelic Decay, including the fact that Fyodor is not the true leader.

Though he doesn’t know their ultimate goal, he says their plan has multiple steps and they are currently working toward “eradicating the state.” Using the reality-altering page they used to frame the Armed Detective Agency, the Decay of Angels plans to execute part four on the next full moon, giving the group 10 days to figure out a way to steal the page and that to write The agency is innocent instead.

With every week there is a new twist that I didn’t see coming that completely changes the trajectory of the mission and I love it. While not as intense as usual, I felt on my toes throughout the episode as the group attempted to escape. Jumping back and forth between characters and stories on a weekly basis can get a little tiring and overwhelming at times, but knowing that everything you see is somehow connected makes it a little easier to bear. It feels like everything is finally coming together and connecting all the little dots of this season and I’m excited to see how that plays out.

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