Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 3 Summary

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This episode wraps up the theatrical mystery and seamlessly prepares fans for the next arc. While the ending is gripping, the more emotional moments help round out the episode and resonate with viewers.

We are summarizing Crunchyroll anime series Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 3 “Secrets of Establishing the Detective Agency” that contains spoilers.

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 2 left viewers with a lot to think about, especially after the episode ended on a huge cliffhanger. Just when it looked like the theater mystery had been solved, things took an unexpected turn and left everyone out Yukichi (Rikiya Koyama) surprised the audience. During Ranpo (Hiroshi Kamiya) is usually no less than two steps ahead of everyone, even he doesn’t seem to have realized he’s in danger. Even though he and Yukichi know that he and Yukichi will get out of this situation alive, it’s still unnerving to watch them fall deeper into a trap they didn’t even know was coming. We hope they can find out before things get too messy.

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 3 Summary

The episode begins with Ranpo in the policeman’s car on the way to the train station. The officer makes a comment about how Ranpo and Yukichi work well together, to which Ranpo replies that he doesn’t think Yukichi really wants to work with him. He is surprised at how well Ranpo seems to know Yukichi and wonders about Ranpo’s supposed ability to see through the truth. When he asks about it, he reveals how much he really doubts Ranpo. This ride is just a means to test Ranpo, which frustrates the young detective.

Realizing they are not going to the police station, Ranpo suggests a game for the officer to find out, allowing the man to ask any question he pleases about the theatrical incident. If he runs out of questions before Ranpo runs out of answers, Ranpo wins. He asks Ranpo questions about the man in the suit who was found tied up on stage and the playwright, who Ranpo knows was dead the entire time. It seems the whole ordeal was really a secret plot to kidnap the man in the suit, and when he realizes he’s won, she asks where they are going, while also accusing the cop of the murder and kidnapping.

Back at the theater, another officer tells Yukichi that he hasn’t heard confirmation that Ranpo made it to the police station. As he relays the crime in his head, he realizes that the playwright and murakami are just pawns in a larger game. He becomes suspicious of the officer with Ranpo and asks his name. They tell him that Ranpo left with the senior officer mitamura, who has now switched off his mobile phone. Concerned, Yukichi is about to leave the theater when his attention is caught by a business card wedged under a sign Ranpo knocked over earlier. He takes the card and finds Ranpo’s handwriting, which warns them that Mitamura is the actual culprit, and to prove it they need to find the stick the man in the suit was carrying earlier. Yukichi searches the stage for the stick and when he finds it, he sees a memory chip inside, prompting him to call for help.

Meanwhile, Mitamura takes Ranpo to an abandoned building and explains that he is part of an organization planning to “rid the country of evil people.” Not wanting to hurt Ranpo as his orders dictate, he instead invites him to join their cause, but the young detective refuses.

Yukichi goes to a prison where Sakunosuke Oda is held. He explains to the assassin that people in witness protection often use this memory chip to communicate with the protection agency. This one is special because it is only given to the gifted or those with ability. Yukichi asks Oda if he knows anything about capturing the gifted alive or an organization called V. Oda explains that they are a group that kills for rituals. One he’d rather not be a part of. All Yukichi needs from him is where they might be holding Ranpo, and in return he says he will testify for Oda so he can be released. Oda agrees to do the job for Curry instead.

The more Mitamura tries to convince Ranpo to join him, the more bored Ranpo becomes. He taunts Mitamura, which frustrates the man into pointing a gun in his face. As he scolds, Ranpo realizes that his Organization V is run by the gifted to seek out other gifted ones.

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After a three-second countdown from Ranpo, Yukichi comes bursting through the window to his rescue. He quickly takes Mitamura out before incapacitating the other guards in the building.

After making sure Ranpo is okay, Yukichi punches him, scolds the detective for being reckless and worries him. Ranpo says he only acted like that because he knew Yukichi would come for him. After reminding him he’s still a kid and shouldn’t risk his life, causing Ranpo to sob and apologise.

The next day, they see in the newspaper that Mitamura was murdered in custody, which probably silences him. However, you still can’t tell if V is involved in this altogether. Viewers watch atop a nearby building Fyodor Observe them and correct their pronunciation of V to “five”.

After the roll in the credits there is an additional scene where Yukichi and Ranpo give the cane back to the man in the suit from the play. After thanking him, Yukichi makes a request to the man. He wants to get a Gifted Business Permit and asks for his knowledge of the Gifted Special Operations Division. Here we finally get to know the man in the suit Natsume Soseki when he agrees to help.

Things looked bleak for much of this episode as we had to wonder if Yukichi would find Ranpo in time. The fact that Ranpo never lost faith in him was a touching enrichment in their relationship. These flashback episodes were a very insightful and informative look at not only its dynamics but also the formation of the Armed Detective Agency and even some villain origin stories. If there’s one thing this series has proven before, it knows how to use pacing and flashbacks to your advantage to add layers to an already exciting storyline. Seeing these backstories was a treat.

The ending to this case was satisfactory and set the stage well for the next arc. It feels like these three episodes are just the beginning, and now things will only get harder for Yukichi and Ranpo as we return to the present. If that’s the case, this season is shaping up to be one of the best in the series, having already started on a high note.

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