Cafe Minamdang season 1, episode 11 recap


Episode 11 moves the story forward with fresh character dynamics and throws in an exciting ending to boot. Episode 11 is another solid sequel to Cafe Minamdang.

This summary of Café Minamdang Season 1 Episode 11 contains spoilers. You can read our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking on these words.

Shocked by the revelation that Jae-hui is Jae-jeong’s sister, it takes Han-joon a while to be convinced of the news before turning down the detective’s suggestion that they join forces when evidence is presented to him. However, the woman formerly known as Jang-mi has a trick up her sleeve and blackmails the shaman with threats that the police will question what minamdang is. Han-joon claims to be impressed by Jae-hui’s “determination and determination” and eventually decides the two should work together. Later, the group meets the detective and hears about her backstory.

Cafe Minamdang Season 1 Episode 11 Summary

Since Park Dong-gi may be behind Tae-su since he kept his job at Joyce Entertainment despite having a bad relationship with Jin-sang, Han-joon wants to use the director to understand how the two suspects are related. However, no concrete plans are made and Jae-hui is sent away to allow the group to think further. However, the detective leaves with a warning meaning they can no longer go alone unless they want to risk an arrest. Aside from that, the shaman informs his associates that he plans to “get rid of” their new ally if the opportunity arises, troubled by the idea that he won’t be able to face Jae-jeong should his friend’s sister also get hurt.

After both Han-joon and Jae-hui reflect on their unconventional history together, it becomes clear that the two have a still growing affection for each other. The very next day, we see the detective applying makeup before her meeting with the former profiler, hoping to make a strong impression. However, such an act leads to some speculation about their dating life, which includes Du-jin’s advice for Jae-hui to date both Do-won and Han-joon since love triangles are a big part of dating. Annoyed, the detective drives to “work” with the message that her other colleagues shouldn’t get the wrong ideas.

Next, Do-won joins the fray as another Minamdang group collaborator, using his secret Joyce Entertainment investor document to ensure Han-joon lets him into the group. Here we see that the list includes Sinmyeong Mayor Lee Myeong-jun, Anti-Corruption Department head Nam Pil-gu, and Senior Assemblyman Park Jeong-hyeon. The shaman claims that Gyeong-cheol was used to provide this shady trio with overseas gambling trips and sexual favors, which included the use of Eun-hye. After that, we hear that the money invested in the group was reinvested in Joyce Partners, which ultimately resulted in massive dividends, suggesting money laundering. Hye-jun thinks Dong-gi comes into play here, but admits she can’t be sure if he’s the real mastermind behind Tae-su.

After this discussion, the plan for the group becomes more concrete. Han-joon will investigate Dong-gi, Do-won where the dividends come from, and Jae-hui to find stronger evidence that would allow Tae-su’s arrest. As the meeting ends, we get a little flirty message that something is developing between Hye-jun and Su-cheol. Elsewhere, Jin-sang worries about being let the shaman read him, only to excitedly exclaim that he loves him when a cryptic “Beware of the East and the color red” reply arrives.

During an appointment at Minamdang, Jin-sang learns that Tae-su is an evil spirit stalking his father, knowing that this will lead to further disclosures. Of course it does, because Han-joon soon finds out about Aunt Im, the mysterious woman who does fortune telling for the top 1% in politics and business. “My father’s business is thriving thanks to her,” Jin-sang explains, before subtly admitting that Tae-su takes company funds. The solution seems to be an exorcism, as Han-joon explains that it’s the only way to prevent his client’s family from perishing. And although the shaman knows it’s going to be tough, he’s happy to take on the challenge because he’s paid handsomely for his work.

While Han-joon figures out a possible way to track down Aunt Im, Jae-hui learns that Tae-su was involved as a victim’s witness in an accidental firearms case five years ago, and prepares to bring her willing team to the mountain lodge that currently being operated by the sufferer. Meanwhile, Do-won sees that Joyce Partners has over ten affiliated companies, all of which look legitimate, apart from KM Leaders, a local company set up by the group in the Philippines that has the ability to become a “paper company.” be. As such, the Justice Department is said to be asked for financial details, and the remaining subsidiaries are said to have their cash flows tracked.

When Do-won joins the police for their Gangwon-do investigation, which has a slight hiatus when Sang-hyub eats a poisonous mushroom, we see that the victim enjoys talking about Tae-su. However, he worryingly believes the friend he is being questioned about is missing because his watch was recently found in a body recovery. Such strange words are quickly cleared up, however, as the lodge owner points out in a picture that the man the police currently believe to be the untraceable Tae-su is actually a man named Lim Yeong-ju.

Coming to terms with the fact that Yeong-ju stole his dead friend’s identity, Jae-hui admits that even the new name they’ve discovered could be fake, clinging to the hope that at least they did can find some information. Du-jin knows he’s heard of Yeong-ju before, so there’s definitely something to explore. At the same time, the Minamdang group is renting out their café for a meeting of other shamans so they can find out about Aunt Im. Something sinister is happening here between the revelations that basically everyone hates Im, with a woman claiming to despise the shady character for murdering her godmother when her transgressions were exposed. However, there are also some humorous moments when those present start fighting, even if one particular person seems to have a vested interest in Han-joon.

Later, Tae-su shows Im the pictures taken at the gathering, aware that people are trying to dig up information about her. So the cunning shaman orders to monitor Han-joon, knowing full well that he will come to her soon of his own accord. The accompanying scene shows Aunt Im’s foresight, as Han-joon is already hatching a plan to go undercover at a signing ceremony for the Sinmyeong land development project, believing it will lead him to the mastermind. However, this plan is carried out without Jae-hui as the shaman obviously fears that she might be harmed. Aside from that, both the detective and Do-won will be present as the prosecutor received an invitation and agreed to go without the minamdang group.

With her upgraded gear, Hye-jun is happy to spy on the rich attendees at the signing ceremony in 4K before noticing Jae-hui’s arrival. What follows is an awkward moment of jealousy between the detective and a determined Min-gyeong, who was trying to help cover the undercover investigator’s tracks. Then a smug-looking Seung-won appears, who would like to show his uncle his belated appointment as company president. Considered by Han-joon to be at the top of the food chain, Do-won’s brother feels disrespected by those around him, as evidenced by a scene in which he expresses his wish for some of those present to know their place.

After Do-won and Han-joon bicker over Jae-hui, the groups put aside differences to work together and communicate discreetly about Aunt Im’s arrival when the signing ceremony is complete. However, at that moment, Jae-hui and Do-won are pulled away from the crowd when the detective spots Tae-su, who is himself busy awaiting orders as to what to do with Han-joon. “We’ll make sure it’s his last day on earth,” is Aunt Im’s ominous reply.

Disguised as chefs, Han-joon and Su-cheol serve plates at the One Percent Person’s exclusive table, hoping to overhear their conversations. However, Aunt Im immediately calls out the former profiler and wants to know why he is turning away from his destiny to “appease the unfortunate spirit”. Han-joon warns him that if he’s not careful, his life could be unexpectedly cut short. A voltage rises but falls before any real damage can be done.

The end

Overhearing conversations, the Minamdang group hears that Dong-gi wants to know if the Eun-hye case is over and that the mayor seems to be heavily involved. I swear it was wrapped, much to the amusement of the seedy group who dine with her. Then we find out that Tae-su is only used for business for the time being and will be disposed of after her “project” is completed. At that moment, after Han-joon talked to Su-cheol about Tae-su knowing the group’s weaknesses, Seung-won arrives and takes his place to discuss working with Aunt Im’s entourage. The malevolent shaman removes the bug from the plate before they continue, ending the episode as we see the Minamdang group being attacked. In the epilogue of this episode, Do-won notices his brother sitting down, seemingly torn about what is going on.

You can stream Cafe Minamdang Season 1 Episode 11 exclusively on Netflix.

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