Can You Master the Tik Tok Challenge Inspired by Dr. Phil?

Believe it or not, there’s a new Tik Tok challenge created by TV host Dr. Phil was inspired. I first learned about the challenge while watching a comedian. Imagine that, a comedian complaining about Dr. Quack makes fun, I mean Phil.

The comedian in question goes by the name of K-Von. He’s a fun guy, that’s for sure. I was watching his Dry Bar Comedy Special on YouTube the other day when he started discussing the method that Dr. Phil used to see “how smart an audience is”.

This is K-Von’s entire Dry Bar Special, it’s funny if you only read the Dr. If you want to see Phil, you can click here.

So here’s the deal. Make two fists facing each other. Raise your thumb on your right fist. Extend your little finger on your left hand. It really doesn’t matter which hand does what, but it should look something like this.

Dry bar comedy via YouTube

Dry bar comedy via YouTube

Switch now as soon as possible. In other words, the hand with the thumb up should now have the pinky extended and the pinky hand should have the thumb up. Try it. It’s damn hard to do.

Don’t believe me, here I am trying Dr. Phil on Tik Tok.

I realize that our brain is capable of handling more than a few functions at once. However, my brain doesn’t seem to understand the ability to move my thumb on one hand while moving my pinky on the other.

Based on what we’re seeing on Tik Tok, a lot of other people can’t figure out how to do that either. But I bet there are some of you who can.

And just for redemption, there are many of you who know me and know that my hands are shaking a lot. It probably has something to do with the excessive amount of caffeine I consume each morning. But I do have fine motor skills and a few Tik Tok challenges of my own that you should try.

I learned finger hunting and magician’s finger practice from television. WMC-TV used to have a Sunday morning show in Memphis starring Dick Williams. It was a local show, produced in Memphis, and I checked it out because it was the only source for cartoons on a Sunday morning in the late 1960’s dark ages.

Tell me, what did you learn from watching TV? Probably nothing as cool as this, right? If you’re on TikTok, follow us and we’ll follow you back or just share this with your friends and see how many of them are Fingerfeebs like me.

Hey, here’s another thing I can do with my hands.

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