Chromosome 21 Season 1 Recap


The show approaches several sensitive issues with a level of honesty and respect I have yet to see in contemporary media.

We review Chromosome 21 Season 1 Netflix series no spoilers.

Chromosome 21 (original title: Cromosome 21) is a Netflix Crime drama that aired in Chile last October. Named for the extra gene package present in people with Down syndrome, the eight-part series focuses on a person with the condition who is accused of murder.

Chromosome 21 Season 1 Review and Plot Summary

Chromosome 21 begins at a crime scene where a middle-aged factory worker was killed by a gunshot wound to the chest. The only other person present is a young man named Down’s Syndrome Tomy (Sebastian Solorza)– all physical evidence points to Tommy being the shooter. There is blood on his clothes and powder residue on his hands.

the lead investigator, Mariana Enriquez (Valentina Muhr)and her partner Bruno Duran (Mario Horton) have difficulty believing that someone with Down syndrome was capable of such a violent act. Especially since everyone who knows the young man describes him as a kind and gentle soul. Tommy’s brother Guillermo “Got” Ruiz (Gastón Salgado)He has a criminal past and appears to be the most likely shooter. But why should he leave his beloved brother to take the fall? As Mariana continues her investigation, she finds herself trapped in a web of lies and corruption far greater than she could have imagined.

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There is much to love Chromosome 21. The show approaches several sensitive issues with a level of honesty and respect I have yet to see in contemporary media. Tomy’s Down Syndrome is only portrayed as one aspect of his character. He is also a loving brother, friend and friend. It is impossible not to support the young man who finds himself in a terrible situation through no fault of his own. It also raises some important questions about how people with learning disabilities should be treated by society when they break the law.

As the series progresses, we spend quite a bit of time on it Tomy’s girlfriend Cristina (Pía Urrutia), a young lady who also has Down Syndrome but, unlike Tommy, comes from a wealthy family who does their best to tell the two apart. The contrast between law enforcement’s treatment of Tomy and her mother’s infantilization of Cristina was compelling. As the prosecutors working to convict Tomy fight to ensure that he faces trial as an adult and has full control over his mental abilities and actions, Cristina’s mother (Claudia di Girólamo) makes every decision for you, even when it comes to aspects of your intimacy such as contraception and sexual health.

Valentina Muhr does a great job as Mariana and her outstanding performance carries the series. Mariana is so committed to her job that she made the mistake of bringing her young daughter to work, resulting in her losing custody of their child. Throughout the series, we see her paying for that misjudgment while still working hard to find out the truth about what happened on the night of the murder, even when everyone around her is clamoring for Tomy to go to jail leaves.

Is Chromosome 21 Season 1 Good on Netflix?

In total, Chromosome 21 is a brilliant series. There is an intriguing central mystery, compelling characters and a satisfying ending. A slow burner at times, it takes a few episodes before the real intrigue begins. But the show is worth watching for the payoff at the end alone.

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