Class of ’07 Season 1 Episode 8 Summary and Ending Explained

This article contains major spoilers for Season 1, Episode 8 of Class of ’07 and openly discusses the ending of Season 1 of Class of ’07.

It’s been a long, complicated, and messy journey from the premiere of class 07 to the final; a journey of danger, vomit, betrayal, chopped off toes and knives in the back, both figuratively and literally. The big question hanging over the final episode “The Tribe Has Spoken” is who will ultimately survive the apocalypse, but as it turns out everyone does, including the one character we were pretty sure was dead is. But it’s been a close call for quite a while, so here’s a breakdown of what happened in the last episode.

Class of ’07 season 1 ending explained

It’s the morning after the night before, and after Zoe shared with the participants what Sandy told her about the various aquatic communities, the vast majority of the students escaped to the ocean with whatever flotation devices they could muster. None of the key characters are leaving, however, and those that remain do so with rapidly dwindling resources, idly waiting for someone to return with help or death – whichever comes first.

Amelia in particular has completely given up now that she’s off her anti-depressants and you really can’t blame her as the gang have decided to eat shoes, scales and crumbs to keep themselves alive. Things are getting bad, so they decide their only option is to choose one of the group to eat. Sister Bicky suggests forming a tribal council to decide who.

Who does the tribal council choose to eat?

As everyone prepares for the council meeting, Zoe, who is dead against it, tries to come up with alternative solutions. She learns through Sandy that there is a diving community out on the ocean that can bring anything from the submerged depths, including antidepressants, but if she doesn’t pay she will drown.

Meanwhile, Sandy plans to set off with Teresa on a raft powered by two stationary bicycles. However, Teresa is the Council’s first choice for dinner. Everyone chose Teresa because she is the healthiest after devoting several years to failed IVF attempts and keeping herself in top shape. However, she announces that she will help raise Sandy’s baby at sea, granting her immunity.

The council vote ends between Zoe and Megan. Amelia is brought in to cast the deciding vote, but she abstains, leaving the decision after useful survival skills. Since Zoe is the only one who can operate the radio, It is eventually decided that Megan will be killed and eaten. Tegan is predictably devastated.

What happens to Zoe and Amelia?

Seeing how much Tegan and Megan are struggling with the decision, Amelia agrees to be the victim as she has already given up life. Zoe knocks her unconscious and claims to the group that she will finish her off to spare them all the trauma, but she takes them to Sandy’s escape raft instead and begs them to escape. She can make her way to Scuba City to get her antidepressants and get on with life. As Amelia leaves, she asks Zoe to join her.

Who are the men arriving?

At the very end of the episode, the girls believe their prayers have finally been answered when they hear a voice crackle through the radio. They run outside to meet their would-be rescuers, only to find they’re a boatload of men who don’t seem all that friendly. As they get closer, all the women take up arms and prepare to fight.

You can stream Class of ’07 Season 1 Episode 8 exclusively on Prime Video. What do you think of the ending of Class of ’07 Season 1? Let us know in the comments.

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