Coyote Snags Raccoon From Top Of Fence In Impressive Display Of Athleticism

Score one for the lonely coyote.

As a nature lover like me, you’re probably wondering how many insane feats of sport have been accomplished by animals in the wild that we’ll never see, but if we did we’d be blown away.

Mountain lions leap from trees onto the back of an unexpected deer. Alligators jumping out of the water like dolphins to snatch a low-flying bird. A bear meeting his end at the hands of an overly aggressive white-tailed buck.

While this video doesn’t show anything quite as spectacular as these, it does give a good example of what wild animals are capable of when food seems out of reach.

A wildlife camera has captured the end of a scuffle between a coyote and a raccoon, with the raccoon thinking it had outwitted the coyote by climbing to the top of what appears to be a fairly decent height.

Think smart?

But unfortunately the coyote decides to show the hop and after a few tries he is able to get the raccoon off the fence and it’s good night for our striped friend.

There’s also a second video posted by the same guy where a raccoon is able to fend off the coyote in the exact same spot, but that begs the question.

The raccoons are on a fence. A fence is designed to keep everything out…why not just fall to the other side and laugh when the coyote is only a foot away but can’t catch you?

Well, because the coyote can probably jump over it, that’s why.

To keep a coyote out, it is recommended to get fences a whopping 8 feet tall and at least 18 inches into the ground. So although a coyote can only jump about four to four feet, it can climb and dig… Sitting on top seemed to be the safest place for the raccoon.

And he still lost…

Coyote wins:

Raccoon wins: Coyote Snags Raccoon From Top Of Fence In Impressive Display Of Athleticism

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