Cuban-set shooter offers plenty of bang for your buck but nothing revolutionary

Amidst the carnage, I almost miss the pop-up message announcing that the general is dead and the mission is complete. Emerging from the tank, I take a moment to survey my work: the base has been reduced to rubble; all burnt out buildings and twisted ragdoll corpses.

The brief moment of reflection on life, loss and the eternal fight for freedom is interrupted by my companion Guapo – an alligator wearing what looks like Evil Kenevil’s jacket and whose name means “pretty” in Spanish. He gives me a look, which I interpret to mean he’s aware of the ridiculousness of the situation but that we all have our jobs to do, and then heads off to the next waypoint. Long live the revolution!

Perversely (or perhaps wisely) the Far Cry franchise’s relationship with the increasingly real world (Himalayas, Montana) has become increasingly fragile.

Anyone who comes to Yara, this sixth part’s barely fictionalized Cuba facsimile, expecting nuanced political commentary, insight into the dynamics of oppressive dictatorships, or even a cohesive character arc will be sorely disappointed. It’s a sandbox full of landmines; a high definition Hollywood backlot to be blown up in as many ways as possible,

At face value, that’s fine. even fun. Far Cry 6 is a game in which you play a freedom fighter armed with jerry-rigged “Supremo” weapons powered by stolen uranium and firing poison grenades that can cause your enemies to switch sides and turn themselves attack each other. Despite the photorealistic scenery, there is never a risk of confusing this with a documentary about Santiago Alvarez.

That is, there are often shrill juxtapositions of tones. The writers of Far Cry 6’s main storylines aim to tell serious tales of sacrifice and loss that engage in the futile cycle of conflict, but they are constantly punctuated by moments of breathtaking silliness, such as: B. the optional cockfights that play out like street games fighters.

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/gaming/features/far-cry-6-review-cuban-set-shooter-offers-plenty-bang-buck-nothing/ Cuban-set shooter offers plenty of bang for your buck but nothing revolutionary


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