Decision to leave the ending explained (detailed analysis)

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We discuss and analyze the ending of the movie Decision to Leave, which will contain spoilers and big plot twists.

Yes, the premise of decision to go is nothing new. A man meets a woman, a woman meets a man, and guess what? Love hurts. In the romance, however, a detective falls in love with the widow of Death he is investigating. Det. Jang Hae-jun (an excellent Park Hae-il) is the reference to the case. His team investigates the death of a retired immigration worker. What makes the case strange is that the man is found dead on the edge of a mountain cliff that is almost impossible to climb. Everything about this case screams accidental death. However, Hae-jun can’t shake his gut feeling that something is wrong with death. Or he can’t stop thinking about the prime suspect in other ways than criminals.

The prime suspect in his murder investigation is Song Seo-rae (a lethally effective Tang Wei). She is the beautiful and much younger wife of the deceased. Something is just not right with her. She has physical bruises and scratches. Seo-rae is almost cold and too composed about her husband’s death, but if it wasn’t a happy marriage, why should she cry? One piece of evidence that might be revealing is that she has a tattoo of her husband’s initials. Why is this strange? On the surface it is an expression of love that is commonplace.

On closer inspection, however, this is happening in the same way as someone marking their own property. Hae-jun finds out that she left China after being accused of her mother’s murder. Why did she kill her? Because her mother was ill, the authorities didn’t see it that way. However, he then finds a letter indicating that her husband committed suicide, thereby absolving her of the crime.

During Det. Jang Hae-jun’s investigation, she simultaneously plants some seeds of seduction in order to escape if Hae-jun solves the case. His beautiful obsession is a caregiver watching an elderly adult woman. She finds that his investigation coincides with his obsession with her, stalking if you will. “Bring me the heart of this kind detective,” she says to herself, knowing he’s watching her from afar. With the case closed they start dating and it turns out the detective suffers from crippling insomnia when it comes to cases where he has a wall of evidence dedicated to her husband’s case. She manipulates him into burning everything. Unfortunately, Jang later finds out what happened.

Decision to leave the ending explained (detailed analysis)

Who is the killer in the movie Decision to Leave?

Song turned off the phones of the woman caring for her on the day of the suicide. She took the older adult’s phone and placed hers in the room while she slept and suffered from dementia. The device showed the elderly adult climbing 138 floors on the day of the murder, implying that Song climbed the mountain to kill her husband. She arrived before her abuser. He reached the top and Song pushed him so it looked like he had ended his life.

When Jang confronts Song, he is heartbroken, but she expected it. She expects him to arrest her and she recorded him to use as blackmail if the predicament ever arises. She looks pleased that her plan worked, but is surprised by his gesture and does something unexpected. Jang gives her a new phone to swap out and the evidence to discard. When he discovered a love he hadn’t thought possible, it broke. While feeling that this kind of love was never possible, her cynical heart was awakened and she found out what love is.

They meet 13 months later when Song is dating a trading and investment professional. (Think crazy money, Jim Cramer). This man is found dead and Jang suspects Song of murder. However, a man she worked for who goes by the name “Slappy” killed him, which is obvious if you watch the film. Why? Slappy’s mother invested her life savings in the appraiser’s report, and she lost it all. She triggers the action by slipping Slappy’s mother drugs because he promises to kill Song’s husband if she dies. Jang finds out and tracks down his former lover through an application Slappy has installed on her phone, which leads him to a beach.

How does the movie Decision to Leave end?

To save Jang from himself, she leaves a recording she leaves him and the phone that recorded him admitting the affair and destroying evidence. As he chases her car to the beach, where’s Song? She digs a large hole, almost a grave, in the beach, with the dug sand near the head of the grave, directly behind her. Then she waits for the tide. As she lies on the bottom, the water rushes in, returning the sand to its original resting place and burying her alive.

What does the end of Decision to Leave mean?

As a genuine gesture of Song’s love for Jang, she commits suicide. However, Song also tells him that “she may have returned to Ipo to become one of his unsolved cases”. The kind that kept him up all night from insomnia. It was Song’s perfect murder that Jang can never solve and ensure Jang is haunted by it for the rest of his life.

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