Dem Rep Says Police Officer Was ‘Bludgeoned to Death’ on Jan 6, Then Chip Roy Makes Him Look Like a Fool

The death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick on January 6, 2021 was a tragedy. Everyone can appreciate that. Almost every other left-driven narrative of Sicknick’s death, however, is a blatant lie.

And it’s not like time has set the record straight. It has been more than 18 months since the Capitol invasion, and a Democratic representative actually claimed at a congressional hearing that Sicknick died because he was “beaten to death.”

The problem, as two Republicans later noted, is that Sicknick died of natural causes — and a coroner’s decision establishing that fact is well over a year old.

The viral exchange comes after North Carolina GOP Rep. Dan Bishop took offense at Democrats’ characterization of the officer’s death.

“Did you say that during the Jan. 6 riots, a police officer was beaten to death by the crowd?” Bishop asked Democratic Rep. Mondaire Jones of New York.


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“I said a police officer was beaten to death,” Jones replied. “I didn’t say by whom, Mr. Bishop.”

He then asked if Bishop denied that a police officer was murdered during the Capitol raid.

“I’ve heard that there have been previous reports of Sicknick being hit with a fire extinguisher and subsequently found to be false,” Bishop said. “He died of natural causes… are we talking about the same person, Sicknick, or are we talking about someone else?”

Then Texas GOP Rep. Chip Roy hammered home how wrong Rep. Jones was.

Was Brian Sicknick’s death connected to the events of January 6th?

“This is a real question, because the coroner — the U.S. Capitol Police submitted a report consistent with the coroner’s finding… Sicknick died of natural causes,” Roy said.

In April 2021, the Washington, DC chief medical officer ruled that Sicknick died of natural causes after suffering two strokes. There was no evidence of injury, internal or external, and no evidence that he had been allergic to a chemical irritant used by rioters.

Jones then resigned, claiming that Sicknick was real was killed by rioters for “but-for-causing”.

In a legal case, but-for-causation is a test of guilt. As the Cornell Legal Information Institute notes, it is a test that asks the court “if X had existed, would Y have occurred?”

In other words, Jones is implying that if it weren’t for the Capitol incursion, Brian Sicknick would still be alive.


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There’s no evidence of this, mind you, but it didn’t stop Jones from asking Republicans to “at least admit that Mr. Sickick died as a result of what happened on January 6.”

But that wasn’t the question: “Was he beaten to death?” Bishop asked, adding he didn’t admit the January 6 events caused Sicknick’s death.

“To my knowledge that has been debunked and Mr. Roy has just read the coroner’s information,” Bishop said. “Are you saying he was beaten to death?”

“I maintain that 138 Capitol and DC officers were injured and several Capitol officers died,” Jones replied. “You can see how one would question the sincerity of such a tiny point amidst the gravity of everything else.”

Was Sicknick beaten to death or did he die of a stroke that could not be positively linked to the events of January 6th? Who cares? Why should anyone concern themselves with minute details about whether someone was murdered or died?

Of course, this question is ridiculous at first glance, but there’s also a damn good reason: Sicknick has become a symbol of how bad the Capitol raid was. It seems that for many Democrats, even if they could get everyone to believe the fact that there is only one causality, just that he died of a stroke is not enough. No, he must have died at the hands of a bloodthirsty MAGA mob who bludgeoned him with a fire extinguisher.

It’s an untruth echoed by none other than President Joe Biden, when he responded to a remark by Russian President Vladimir Putin that he had banned protests because “he doesn’t see a repeat of the January 6 riots in his country or for.” a group like this wanted Black Lives Matter to form there,” according to the UK Daily Mail.

“I think that’s a ridiculous comparison,” Biden said. “It’s literally one more thing for criminals to break a cordon, go to the Capitol, kill a cop and not be held accountable than it is for people to object and march on the Capitol and say you don’t like me allow to speak freely , you don’t allow me to do A, B, C or D. So these are very different criteria.”

When Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn appeared before the January 6 committee last year, he repeated the untruth during his emotional testimony.

“I would like to take a moment of my time,” Dunn said, “to ask for a minute’s silence for my fallen colleague Brian Sicknick, who died from injuries sustained while on duty defending the Capitol of our beloved democracy.” “

Officer Dunn was undoubtedly more sincere in his fear than either President Biden or Rep. Jones, but that doesn’t add accuracy to his words.

Absolutely no one but those on the crazy fringe believe January 6th was just a small thing, just another protest in a country that has seen quite a few of them in the tumultuous year of COVID-19 and George Floyd. But that’s not enough for the Democrats. Not only must Brian Sicknick have been killed by a murderous horde, that horde is still out there – and they could take power again.

However, if a Democrat plans to scare voters like this, he’d better hope Chip Roy or Dan Bishop isn’t around to reprimand them.

C. Douglas Golden is a writer who divides his time between the United States and Southeast Asia. Specializing in political commentary and world affairs, he has written for the Conservative Tribune and The Western Journal since 2014.

C. Douglas Golden is a writer who divides his time between the United States and Southeast Asia. Specializing in political commentary and world affairs, he has written for the Conservative Tribune and The Western Journal since 2014. Aside from politics, he enjoys spending time with his wife, literature (particularly British comics and modern Japanese literature), indie rock, coffee, Formula One and football (both American and international variants).

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