Did anyone get the Harrier jet from Pepsi?

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Does anyone have the Pepsi Harrier jet in the Netflix docuseries Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? We answer that question and delve into the story behind it.

The Pepsi Point Case, officially known as Leonard vs. Pepsico, Inc., 88 F. Supp. 2d 116, (SDNY 1999), Statement of Facts 210 F.3d 88 (2d Cir. 2000), held in 1999 in the Southern District of New York. John Leonardtried to buy a Harrier jet With Pepsi Points. This consisted of a marketing campaign that did not use a disclaimer. This omission was a legitimate offer, according to Leonard. In his imagination he could buy the military weapon for 7,000,000.

How much is 7 million Pepsi points?

You can earn Pepsi Points by purchasing Pepsi products. A young college student, John Leonard, had a plan to earn enough points to buy what an advert for the coke giant promised. For 7,000,000 Pepsi Points you could buy a Harrier Jet and land that thing on your school campus. Are you kidding? I mean probably. However, Leonard took it seriously enough.

Leonard drew up a business plan that included how much brown sugar water to buy (I don’t think Clear Pepsi existed yet), where to store it, and even who to hire. However, the sum he came up with was $4.3 million. Leonard and his investor pulled out because they might miss their target before the rules changed or the competition ended.

That’s when Leonard discovered that you could buy Pepsi points for 0.10 cents each, as long as you bought at least 15 points. This reduced overhead and cost $700,000. And that’s exactly what Leonard and Hoffman did. They filled out the form, attached a check and marked their box, then ticked it with the words “Harrier Jet” on the right.

What does John Leonard do for a living?

At the time of the Pepsi commercial, John Leonard was a student. Today he is 48 years old and works as a park ranger in Talkeetna, Alaska. He is currently married and has two children.

What is a Harriet jet?

The AV-8 Harrier II Jump Jet is a second-generation single-engine aircraft in the Harrier family, capable of vertical or short takeoff and landing. The Harrier Jet’s well-documented role is in attack and destruction of ground and air targets, armed reconnaissance, anti-aircraft, and offensive and defensive anti-aircraft defenses.

Has anyone gotten the Harrier jet from Pepsi?

No, Pepsi refused to give the jet to Leonard and Hoffman. They wisely didn’t cash the check and tried to give the students coupons for two free cases of Pepsi. After attempts were made to negotiate with the couple, a lawsuit was instituted. Unfortunately, the judge sided with big business. According to the (second) contract restatement, the advertisement did not constitute a legitimate offer. It was not considered a reasonable offer because winning a multi-million dollar jet for $700,000 was “just a boast”. The court ruled that this fell under “the provision of the Statute of Frauds,” but state law required a prior written agreement.

The kicker was the judge’s interpretation that this was a commercial “hoax” and that the “imagination” of driving to school in such a vehicle was an “exaggerated adolescent fantasy”. They even quoted, you know, schools don’t provide landing pads for jets, hiring the teenager was dangerous to land such a vehicle in a residential area, and the “youth” in the commercials could never land such a vehicle, let alone a car . The group appealed, but the United States Court of Appeals upheld them for the second circuit.

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