Dimple’s dastardly plan, Mob’s perceived popularity, and more

Mob Psycho 100 III episode 3 continued off in an exciting manner from where the previous episode left, finally involving viewers in the Psycho Helmet Religion. This episode also gave viewers a welcome, relatable look at Mob’s journey through the romantic trials and tribulations of being a middle school boy.

Fan-favorite Teruki Hanazawa also appeared in Mob Psycho 100 III episode 3, truly making it a memorable and exciting episode for many devoted fans. The episode also left viewers with an extremely eerie and uncanny feeling, as an impostor of Mob took control of the Psycho Helmet Religion with seemingly malicious intent.

Follow along as this article fully recaps the most important moments of Mob Psycho 100 III episode 3.

Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 3 strikes hilarious balance between Mob’s own issues and Psycho Helmet religions malicious moves

Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 3: Perceived popularity

Mob Psycho 100 III episode 3, officially titled Getting Carried Away ~100%~, begins with Takane Tsubomi and her friends cleaning up leaves around the school. Her friends invite her out after school, but she passes due to feeling under the weather, sneezing immediately after and feeling embarrassed about being seen with snot on her face.

As she tries to get away from the situation, her friends prevent this, and begin prying and asking Tsubomi to move her hand so they can see what’s wrong. As Tsubomi imagines the worst-case scenario, Mob appears to tell her friends that teachers were looking for them, giving Tsubomi some tissues and saving the day in the process.

Tsubomi then thanks Mob, telling him she’ll see him later as she walks away. The ever-optimistic Mob, however, takes this to be more flirty and romantic than it really is, as evident by his blushing and a scene showing a winged Mob floating up to a golden, iridescent light. On his walk home, he runs into Mezato, who asks him to come to the Psycho Helmet Religion gathering on Sunday.

Tome then appears behind Mob, reminding him that he promised her to help find telepathists on Sunday. As the two depart, each convinced Mob will go with them, Emi appears, saying she was just observing but Mob seems to be “totally popular,” congratulating the visibly confused Mob. He realizes he did talk to a lot of girls today, including Tsubomi by himself, when Ritsu appears.

Mob tells Ritsu he thinks he might be getting popular before quickly telling him to forget it, internally thinking that he must’ve gotten the wrong idea again. However, as he walks, he notices girls who pass by continuously glancing at him. One girl talks about Ritsu being so refined, as Mob thinks he hears another girl say how hot he is.

However, this is revealed to be Mob just hearing things, with his stress levels apparently rising to 100% as a result. It is also revealed that this is actually the “Mob on a high horse” counter, which is now at 100% due to his convincing himself he truly is getting popular. While certainly up to interpretation as of right now, this would seem to not be the case most likely.

Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 3: Dimple’s shady moves

After the opening theme, Mob Psycho 100 III episode 3 shows a quick montage of scenes which details the various groups flocking to and worshiping or witnessing the Divine Tree. While predominantly religious groups are seen gathering, businesses and individuals on romantic encounters have also flocked to the tree for their respective purposes.

Mob Psycho 100 III episode 3’s narrator then begins explaining how a new divinity is born by desires and wishes gathering in one place. He continues that the broccoli ended up becoming the symbol of some god, and that it continues growing due to the colossal energy of its believers being poured into the tree.

Dimple then begins speaking, emphasizing that the “Divine Tree” is just a piece of broccoli which is incapable of guiding or leading anyone. He says he’ll take that energy and “put it to good use,” as the Divine Tree’s energy is seen flowing out of itself and into a demonic looking Dimple.

Things are getting reaaaaally interesting on Mob Psycho 100.

Dimple says that if the world needs a god so badly, then he’ll be the shepherd himself, sharing his plan to produce a founder for the Psycho Helmet Religion as their picture of Mob is seen. Mob Psycho 100 III episode 3 then shows its title card, before shifting perspective to the Kageyama household, where Mezato has called for Mob.

He tries telling her he doesn’t want to go, but she counters that he needs to identify himself as the true founder of the Psycho Helmet Religion before someone else claims the title. She says it would be lame if that were to happen, saying that it would be much cooler if the founder of a group consisting of 500 thousand members were to be a second-year middle school boy.

While Mob seems uninterested at first, she emphasizes that it’ll make him popular with the girls, including Tsubomi. Mob’s face becomes hilariously contorted, detailed, and almost cartoonishly manly here, as his voice becomes much deeper. He tries asking Mezato something, but stops, as Mezato says everyone needs him and he needs to come to the founder audition.

Mob Psycho 100 is truly one of the greatest anime of all time

Mob thinks it won’t be so bad to be the founder, as Dimple appears, agreeing with his previous words. Mob then explains his day to Dimple, who simply says he’s misunderstanding the situation and that no one notices him. Mob questions why he would say this if he wasn’t even there, to which Dimple says he’s saying it because he cares about him.

Dimple then reveals he came to talk to Mob about the Psycho Helmet Religion founder audition, saying he can’t just sit there quietly and that the two need to make their move together. Mob asks why, saying it has nothing to do with Dimple, who counters that his group (LOL) was the predecessor to the Psycho Helmet religion.

Mob points out that Dimple brainwashed people, whereas believers are joining the Psycho Helmet Religion out of their own desires and are enjoying their time there. Dimple counters that what they really want is someone with divine powers to lead them, to which Mob says that it can’t be Dimple, and that everyone is looking for him instead.

@kyodicted Mob Psycho 100 s3 is so peak wtf reigen so good again 😣😣

Dimple curses Mob internally while questioning if he has the power to control them, to which Mob says he knows he’s not cut out for that. Dimple then says this is why they need to join forces and give birth to a new religion and a new god, to which Mob points out that Dimple will make himself god.

Dimple says he doesn’t know what he wants to do as god, only pointing out the power he’d receive. This prompts Mob to say he’s not interested in power, as Dimple rants about Mob strongarming him out of the plan and how someone else will take over and keep the Divine Energy to themselves.

Mob points out that Dimple is now stronger because he stole from the Divine Tree’s energy, which he says is fine before pointing out that Dimple also wants to take them over. Mob asks what’s different about him from the other guys, before telling Dimple he should give the schemes a rest already. This prompts Dimple to leave without a word to Ritsu as he floats off into the sky.

Mob Psycho 100 III episode 3: Shopping for shirts and a new enemy appears

Mob Psycho 100 III episode 3 then shifts perspective to Reigen’s office, where the group is discussing Serizawa’s night school while eating takoyaki. Reigen points out that they have 4 requests to investigate the sudden deterioration of buildings and whether it’s supernatural in nature, before dismissing these requests as misassigned odd jobs.

He dismisses Serizawa and Mob, telling Mob he wants to hear whatever interesting is going on in his life first. Mob tells Reigen that he’s become popular, with Reigen seemingly not believing this, before dismissing Mob and Serizawa for the day. Mob then adds that he’s attending a gathering for a religious group, piquing Reigen’s interest as well as his concern for Mob’s safety and comfortability.

Reigen looks up the Psycho Helmet Religion after Mob explains the situation, realizing both that Mob is on a high horse and there’s a business opportunity to be had with Mob’s involvement. He tells Mob to go to that gathering and to tell his believers that he has a master, before giving Mob a 5 thousand yen bill to go shopping for clothes to wear to this massive event.

Mob psycho 100 season 3 episode 3: mob getting girls so much that he turned into handsome squidward 😂😂 i didn’t expect the ending to be creepy like that 😲

As Mob questions going home to ask Ritsu for help, he runs into none other than fan-favorite Teruki Hanazawa, who takes Mob shopping, visiting various high end shops. On the way there, Teruki points out that something has been going on in the city, as various roots and decaying structures are seen.

Mob, however, is focused on girls, explaining to Teruki that he feels many are staring at him lately. He admits that he likely has the wrong idea, but Teruki supports him, saying he’s so cool girls can’t help looking his way. Mob’s face begins changing once more as he believes Teruki’s words, clearly getting full of himself once again as they set off to shop.

After several trial and error attempts, they finally find a shirt which Mob can afford with the money Reigen gave him which both Teruki and Mob like. The next day, Ritsu tries to ask Mob if he’s really gonna wear that shirt, which Mob confirms. He’s then seen waiting in a park, thinking about how he’s seeing both Tome and Mezato today and how Tome seems to be a bit late.

Mob Psycho 100 III episode 3 then sees nearly everyone walking by Mob staring at his shirt, which is revealed to be quite an ugly pattern featuring 5 laughing monkey heads. Mob questions if the shirt is really “that cool,” as Mob Psycho 100 III episode 3 then shows him calling Tome roughly 30 minutes later, getting no response.

Mob Psycho 100 III episode 3 then shifts perspective to the Psycho Helmet Religion’s gathering, where various religious organizations and groups of interest are vying for control. Inside, an auditorium is filled with spectators and Psycho Helmet Religion believers, waiting for their founder to appear on stage after suddenly showing himself yesterday.

Mob, meanwhile, is now trying to call Mezato, who is also not answering her phone. Reigen is watching the livestream at home while eating some microwave ramen, as someone who appears to be Mob walks out onto stage. However, a spotlight and his voice make it clear that this isn’t Mob, and is instead someone who calls themselves “Psycho Helmet.”

As Reigen tries calling Mob in Mob Psycho 100 III episode 3, the latter’s phone battery dies, while Psycho Helmet essentially rants about wanting to protect and change the world with his religion. Psycho Helmet then claims to be the creator of the Divine Tree, and that it will bring the world happiness. He implores his followers to think of the Divine Tree as him, imploring them to continue praying.

Those present cry out in dismay to Psycho Helmet’s remarks, who then says he’ll show them a miracle. Mob Psycho 100 III episode 3 then sees Psycho Helmet grow a miniature version of the Divine Tree beneath his feet, shocking everyone present. The anime episode then ends with an eerie parallel made between Mob and Psycho Helmet, revealing the next episode’s title to be “Divine Tree 1 ~The Founder Appears~.”

Mob Psycho 100 III episode 3: In summation

Mob Psycho 100 III episode 3 is undoubtedly the most exciting and plot-advancing episode of the season so far, seemingly setting up Mob’s inevitable conflict later on in the season. It also finally clues viewers in as to what Dimple’s intentions are, with his goal seemingly being to take control of the Psycho Helmet Religion and use its followers.

Mob Psycho 100 III episode 3’s moments of relative normalcy are also incredibly welcome, especially concerning Mob’s extremely relatable middle-school struggles seen in the episode. In true fashion, the series yet again manages to perfectly blend the insane with the mundane in a unique way which no other series has been able to match thus far.

Overall, Mob Psycho 100 III episode 3 manages to set the rest of the season up perfectly while feeling more engaging than an average setup episode. Things are truly getting exciting as fans finally begin approaching the midway point of the season.

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Edited by Abhipsa Choudhury

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