Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 3 Summary


A decent episode that moves things along without much fanfare.

We recap Netflix K-Drama series Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 3 which contains spoilers.

In episode three it felt like that Divorce Attorney Shin dedicated to the further development of the plot. We now know Ae-ran intends to divorce that Seo-jin (Han Hye-jin) works at Sung-hans (Cho Seung-woo) Law firm to make sure she has proof of employment and we found out Yu-seok (Jeon Bae-soo) has something to do with Lawyer Shin’s nephew possibly being kept away from him. It certainly wasn’t the most compelling chapter, but there was at least a lot to intrigue.

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 3 Summary

Hungover, Sung-han deals with the embarrassment he felt when his drunken piano performance took off online, which includes having a barbecue Sae-bom Working over the videos she watches, Seo-jin jumps at the opportunity to take her son to school. Still, it’s quite an uncomfortable drive, especially when Hyeon-u seems adamant that he won’t be taking music lessons again.

Ae-ran wants a divorce

Next, Ae-ran’s mother-in-law – who was beaten in the last episode – manages to blame her “fucking weakling” before insisting that despite her good health, she’s going to be diagnosed with a long (at least two weeks) hospital stay manipulation purposes. At the same time, Sung-han excitedly asks the uploader of his piano performance to remove the video. Afterwards, a shaky Ae-ran comes to a divorce consultation with the lawyer, hoping to get a head start on her husband as it looks like one of the two will start the process of their impending separation.

Ae-ran continues, hearing that a lawsuit for divorce will be difficult due to the attack on her elderly in-laws. In addition, it’s becoming difficult for the down-and-out breadwinner to get a property-sharing deal, too, since the building, which technically belongs to her husband, was transferred to his mother when he feared bankruptcy. One thing is clear, though: Attorney Shin’s potential client is determined, especially given her despair at the thought of her children facing the same misery she went through.

While Seo-jin isn’t convinced that explicit live-streaming content should be her next career move, jeong sik tracks down his two friends at a regular noodle restaurant to ask them to pay him back yesterday’s hefty booze bill, which they ended up giving him. Then we watch as Sung-han continues to be embarrassed by his viral video, especially when the idea that he’s lecturing is circulating.

During an argument, Ae-ran begins to see her husband’s true colors when he uses her mother’s widow status and work ethic, as well as strange predictions about her possible grievances about his failed business, as reasons to ignore her pain. “You are no different than your mother” says the breadwinner, now fed up with 20 years of abuse she has endured. As such, Ae-ran agrees to apologize to her elderly in-laws, but only after she has separated from her husband and acquired a portion of the property she believes she is entitled to.

Sung-han looks at Ae-ran and Seo-jin gets a job

The next day, Jeong-sik is sent to Ae-ran’s neighborhood by Sung-han so he can learn more about his potential client’s situation. Here it turned out that the breadwinner’s mother-in-law is “notorious” for her fussiness, and that the soon-to-be-divorced wife manages the house of the elders, which means constant work. “She lives like a servant, not like a daughter-in-law,” Jeong-sik hears from a hair salon owner amid rumors that if they were Ae-ran, she would have “ran away ages ago.” This in turn is reported back to Sung-han, who appears sympathetic.

As Hyeong geun meets with ji eun, who is asking him to file for divorce because of her love for another man, Sung-han explains to Ae-ran that she needs proof that she was verbally abused by her mother-in-law. Such evidence may need to be provided through the testimony of one of her daughters, and the breadwinner must also try to obtain a notarized document to prove that the building she wants a piece of really does belong to her husband.

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After a brief introduction to Gi Yeong And Ha-yul (The former is a boy with ties to Sung-han, the latter an excited girl kept away from her sibling destined to continue studying even at night), we move on. Here, attorney Shin still can’t get the video of his drunken piano performance removed because the uploader is too excited by the number of views the video is getting.

Needing proof of employment as part of her custody victory, Seo-jin shows up at Sung-han’s office looking for a job, undeterred by the prospect of low pay. Unfortunately, the lawyer is skeptical about hiring the former DJ given that he (and his colleague) are currently underemployed overall. However, she manages to convince the boss that she would be a useful employee by solving her longstanding door problem. This is how Seo-jin is hired, with the appeal that she can help out with common tasks.

Yu-seok sits down with Sung-han

Next, Yu-seok visits Sung-han and teases the divorce attorney about what might be done once he has his grapes inked (Sung-han has one more to fill, meaning he has another case to win). “Living in the past only eats you up” says the smug guest before hastily declaring that Shin is no longer allowed monthly visits from Gi-yeong. As it turns out, that’s because the boy’s stepmother — rumored to be a PR director at Yu-seok’s law firm — insists that the boy be kept away from the former pianist.

After some vague arguments and clarification that Sung-han became a lawyer to “get to the bottom of” his sister’s divorce, Yu-seok leaves his opponent’s office, who claims to be motivated by “anger.” Later, the Geumhwa law firm partner asks his “top intern” to deal with Lawyer Shin’s next case in hopes of crushing his enemy’s chance of inking his last grape.

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 3 Ending Explained

While Ae-ran is caught by her husband rummaging around the house for documents, Sung-han becomes involved in the past again. He dreams of Ju-hwa plays the piano next to him, organizes a trip to Vienna with Gi-yeong, only to quickly realize that he is alone. There are then further references to the woman’s tragic death before the episode ends with Attorney Shin weeping over what he remembered in his sleep.

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