Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 5 Summary


A decent episode presents a rather peculiar new case.

We recap Netflix K-Drama series Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 5 which contains spoilers.

Episode five of Divorce Attorney Shin felt a little confused, but it also had its strengths. Professor Choi’s case could be intriguing as it unfolds; have Choi Jun (Han Eun-seong) Encouraged to be a spy has the potential to yield entertaining results and it’s evident that we’re nearing a tipping point in that regard Sung-hans (Cho Seung Woo) past resurrection. For now, though, things are solid, if not unspectacular.

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 5 Summary

After venting his anger on Choi Jun, Sung-han reluctantly agrees to hire the quirky lawyer in exchange for his piano video being deleted from the internet. Following that Lee Seo-jin is appointed “Intake Coordinator,” which means she attends counseling sessions and learns the craft on the side.

The case of Professor Choi and the visit of Gi-yeong

Next we will be introduced to a strange case. A married couple approached Sung-han so he could prove they were having an affair, allowing the husband (Professor Choi) who has cancer to divorce his currently stubborn wife.

The adulterous couple are warned that a “favorable” outcome is unlikely given the circumstances, but they want this lawsuit to go through. After all, the two consider it necessary for Professor Choi to remarry and then have his new wife (kim ji-suk) donate her liver to keep him alive (something his current partner, who is proving to be quite awkward, refuses to do despite her apparent good health).

Sung-han’s mood improves drastically when Gi Yeong comes to visit although apparently things are not right when it is said that the boy will be picked up at 9pm not in the morning.

Despite this, the family members enjoy themselves playing and eating junk food before the boy returns home. Here it is revealed that the justification for leaving so early is that “Madam”, Gi-yeong’s paternal grandmother, is flying to Korea. Judging by his face, Sung-han doesn’t exactly welcome this news.

Seo-jin fights, as does Choi Jun

As jeong sik Seo-jin needs a warning about his “over-the-top” gift of flowers and struggles to adjust to office life. The former DJ is blown away by her landlord’s gift (to the point of passing it on So yeon), dislikes being noticed in a job she takes on out of necessity, and is negatively curious if her divorce case was more complex than Ji-suk’s, since the would-be liver donor wanted Sung-han’s services solely because of this specific legal one Victory.

While he doesn’t give a straight answer, Attorney Shin is on hand to offer some comfort by expressing his hope that Seo-jin can return to her former self soon enough.

When left alone, Sung-han reflects on his late sister’s wedding anniversary and how “Madam” had told the bride-to-be that “kindness is a weakness”, amid the joy of the occasion. Elsewhere, Yu-seok gets stern with Choi Jun and expresses his shock at how the newbie is now working for Lawyer Shin, the man he spied on and actually conspired against in his first case.

That, and the head of the Keumhwa law firm wants it known that he often “tailors people to his liking” by hinting that his former apprentice’s dismissal is far from sealed.

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As he excuses himself from texting his wife, Hyeong geun talk to a worried Choi Jun over coffee. The paralegal is concerned here, especially when he discovers Yu-seok’s spy plan for the newbie.

Therefore, Hyeong-geun shares Choi Jun Sung-han’s complaints about Keumhwa to help the new hire understand the seriousness of the situation (in addition to why Attorney Shin seems uncomfortable around the newcomer), but all that the viewer gets to hear is how piano is involved.

Choi Jun decides to get along with Sung-han and explains everything Yu-seok wanted him to do and why he committed certain unethical acts as a “powerless intern”. Lawyer Shin isn’t too concerned, however, and encourages his new hire to keep being a spy so he can take Keumhwa’s money. After that, Hyeong-geun goes to eat Grandma’s Pasta Shoponly to be interrupted by in the middle of the macaron ji eun.

Ji-eun’s emergency, Hyeong-geun’s deflation

Shockingly, this interruption is an emergency, as pregnant Ji-eun needs help with a stomach problem. Luckily, So-yeon offers her transportation services, which means Hyeong-geun’s wife can be taken to the hospital without an ambulance.

However, all this fanfare makes the restaurant owner curious as she wonders why the paralegal consumes wine and ramyeon every day when his wife is pregnant.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Ji-eun’s new partner hears that she and the baby are fine, leaving him both grateful and apologetic to Hyeong-geun.

As for the paralegal, he’s obviously dejected, unable to take comfort from Sung-han and Jeong-sik that night until he takes a candid photo of him staring out the window. This surprisingly pleases Hyeong-geun to the point where he clumsily tries to pose for a replay.

When Seo-jin and Hyeon-u get a chance to talk to each other about loneliness, thinking, and school, “Madam” arrives in Korea and wonders if Gi-yeong would follow her to Hawaii if given the chance.

What is clear, however, is that this person is not too fond of it Ms. Jinas she calls them “vicious” when informed that she does not allow Sung-han to see his nephew monthly.

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 5 ending explained

in his office, Choi Minsu, the son of Attorney Shin’s potential new client, visiting privately. The 16-year-old makes it clear that he’s privy to everything that’s going on around him, and isn’t just glad his father’s “mistress” is willing to help with the liver transplant (he realizes it’s in him no “one sane person” makes a family), he is also willing to throw his own name into the picture as a potential donor if his gesture results in his parents stopping “sending” him abroad.

Therefore, min su wants Sung-han’s legal counsel, even though the lawyer isn’t sure what to do.

After some deliberation, along with some subtle encouragement from a slightly calmer Seo-jin, Attorney Shin decides to take on Professor Choi’s case.

So he visits his new client at work to tell him he must “win at all costs.” To do this, Choi must first cancel his cancer insurance and realize that he could end up with a criminal record. “This is literally an all-or-nothing situation,” states Attorney Shin, closing the episode.

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