Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 11 Summary


A packed episode with lots of entertainment on top of that.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 11 which contains spoilers.

With many details, episode 11 of Doctor Cha was undoubtedly one of the show’s better efforts. It now seems like there is a clear direction for this Jeong-suks (Uhm Jung-hwa) possible split with In-ho (Kim Byung-chul)and her possible romance with Roy Kim doesn’t seem to be out of the question anymore.

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 11 Summary

As Eun-seo tries to justify the argument with her half-sister and realizes that she is “also treated like a robber”. I rang collapses in front of him Mi-hee while being treated for her injuries. Simultaneously, So-ra drinks with Jeong-suk and openly shares her own experiences of adultery when her father cheated on her mother.

While In-ho avoids I-Rang at home, Jeong-suk confesses to So-ra that she is aware of her relationship with her young min. However, the resident is cordial here, saying the two “go well together.”

How does Jeong-suk deal with Seung-hi and In-ho?

After throwing away her husband’s expensive gifts, Jeong-suk decides to take a firmer stance. So the intern arranges for both In-ho and Seung-hi to come to his office to challenge them about their long-standing affair.

After Jeong-suk has confirmed everything, like for example that Eun-seo is the daughter of the adulterous couple, things get exciting. Because of this, Seung-hi is ordered to leave the hospital “within a month,” while In-ho is warned to “hide and wait” for what is to come.

Things get even worse later on for In-ho, who already has to deal with the threat of being left a “free man” if both partners dump him. The professor has to admit to a justifiably angry Jeong-suk that the rest of her family knew about his affair but didn’t want to reveal it for health reasons. “Live the rest of your life making atonement for the children,” In-ho is told afterwards.

How do I-rang and Eun-seo react to their circumstances?

Next, Ji-seon insists that she doesn’t receive treatment for her cancer, even though her child is born healthy. However, the child falters when her mother tells her all the milestones to prepare for with her newborn baby. After this scene, Roy Kim goes in search of his estranged family.

At dinner, I-Rang makes sure her mother knows she’s happy with In-ho’s decision, reassuring an apologetic Jeong-suk, who understands the negative feelings her daughter had about the affair must have (and Eun-seo).

Elsewhere, Eun-seo cries about not being able to attend the “early admissions” for college due to her arm injury, and regrets that she was dealt a poor hand in life compared to her half-sister.

What is Mi-hee encouraging Jeong-suk to do?

While Jung-min dodges a more lengthy conversation with So-ra by leaving when she mentions that Jeong-suk is aware of In-ho’s affair, Mi-hee visits her close friend to offer her comfort. However, it is initially a completely unsuccessful endeavor.

At home, In-ho seems to have decided that he doesn’t want to divorce his wife, while Jeong-suk is encouraged by this Mi-hee to choose the option that will bring you more happiness in the long run. But the resident’s night is far from peaceful as she soon has to deal with Seung-hi, who insists she will only quit her job at the hospital if her enemy divorces her.

The two foes exchange blows over their circumstances, with Seung-hi happily calling Jeong-suk like her just because she technically “stole” In-ho at first. However, during this altercation it is clearly reminded that Eun-seo’s fate is not the fault of I-rang but of her mother.

What happens when Jeong-suk is caught in a fire?

When a fire breaks out in the dormitories, In-ho’s jealousy mounts when he sees that Roy Kim was the one who saved his wife. However, Jeong-suk is not interested in her husband’s actions and spitefully wonders if he was worried about Seung-hi instead.

After initial awkwardness, Jeong-suk temporarily moves into Roy Kim’s house with So-ra. This allows the resident to chat with the professor and learn that they are indeed adopted and are trying to find their birth parents (for which they are encouraged). Later, So-ra bluntly encourages Roy Kim to take this chance to woo Jeong-suk.

After a heated back-and-forth involving Roy Kim’s desire for more medical equipment, In-ho balks at his colleague’s apology before poking fun at his potential interest in Jeong-suk. The adulterous professor isn’t able to let off steam right now, however, as he’s soon spat on by an angry guardian who claims he “screwed up” her elderly relative’s surgery.

Doctor Cha season 1 episode 11 ending explained

As In-ho and Roy Kim continue to exchange subtle remarks about love, Jeong-suk heartily dismisses Ji-seon, who is actually making arrangements for her child’s first birthday.

Then, surprisingly, the episode ends with Jeong-suk watching Roy Kim fight with In-ho in front of patients and staff.

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