Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 12 Summary


Another solid episode helps build the suspense Doctor Cha’s The last four parts.

This summary of the Netflix K-Drama series Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 12 contains spoilers.

With much unfolding, this episode of Doctor Cha contained some poignancy in and between its usual themes. With Jeong-suk now looking for a divorce, we should be in for some entertaining moments over the last few weeks, especially considering that it seems like In-ho is being left completely alone.

Doctor Cha Summary of Season 1 Episode 12

Why is Ji-seon fired?

Despite Jeong-suk’s best efforts to berate both In-ho and Roy Kim, the bickering couple can’t help but engage in more petty verbal arguments about adultery and the latter’s possible intentions with a married woman. Elsewhere, Ji-seon is told that she should be hospitalized on the eve of her newborn’s discharge due to a possible intestinal obstruction.

As An exhausted Jung-min allows Ji-seon to be fired provided she is not overly concerned about her “acute abdominal symptoms”., Eun-seo praises I-rang’s artwork after her bitter departure from the academy. This whole ordeal leads Seung-hi to want to speak to Jeong-suk, where she vehemently requests that her rival give up her residency permit or get a divorce.

What will happen to Seung-hi’s love life?

Seung-hi continues to insist that she won’t resign, so urges Jeong-suk to make her own move. Apparently, the adulterous head of family medicine still clings to the fact that In-ho was originally her partner, believing that context makes all the difference in justifying their affair.

While In-ho waves his hand at Seung-hi’s insults and wants to “talk after work” instead, Jung-min gets into trouble. Because Ji-seon is now in great danger, which means that Roy Kim has to be recruited in order to possibly save the life of the new mother, who is now suspected of having double primary cancer.

In-ho keeps his wife’s promise and decides to end things with Seung-hi. Of course, this decision isn’t well made and there are threats of the possible exposure of this affair should the professor insist that he’d rather seek forgiveness from Jeong-suk, on whom he was allegedly “dependent”..

How do you react to Ji-seon’s death?

Unfortunately, Ji-seon can’t be saved and her pass hits Jung-min so hard that he’s practically gone. To make matters worse, I-ranks mock exam results were demonstrably disappointing and she is also considered rather despondent at school. In-ho is understandably blamed for this.

At Ji-seon’s funeral, In-ho and Jeong-suk are severely rebuked, their son is branded a murderer, and allegations of “medical malpractice” are thrown around freely because of the way the deceased cancer patient was originally discharged because of her stomach pain. Elsewhere, So-ra finds the hidden Jung-min.

Disappointed that In-ho might blame Seung-hi to prevent Jung-min from being solely blamed for Ji-seon’s death, Jeong-suk emotionally visits the deceased’s mother. Here, the resident speaks openly about her own flirtation with death, before explaining Ji-seon’s possible wish that her parents would take care of her newborn child after her death.

How is Jung-min comforted?

While I-rang is comforted about everything from her studies to the situation with her parents, In-ho meets up with Jung-min. Surprisingly, the professor is compassionate towards his son, explaining a situation in which his own inexperienced judgment led to the death of a patient and giving gentle instructions to learn from this big mistake in order to “help even more people”. “That’s how we all become doctors,” adds In-ho.

With So-ra’s support, Jung-min gathers the courage to attend the funeral of the patient he wrongly dismissed. Elsewhere, Seung-hi finds out that In-ho responds to Ji-seon’s family’s attempts at lawsuits with the idea that her department is partly to blame.

While Roy Kim reminds Jeong-suk to take care of himself, Seung-hi talks to In-ho about who is really responsible for Ji-seon’s death. The former admits she’s “offended” at having her department held responsible, while the latter insists he’ll only warn Jung-min, adding that the deceased was technically a family doctor patient.

Doctor Cha season 1 episode 12 ending explained

After Jeong-suk’s help with In-ho’s father’s funeral and Ae-sim’s humorous admission that she has a “boyfriend”, things get more serious. The adulterous professor is told that his wife wants a divorce because she is willing to dump the man who did not treat her right.

“As my husband, you no longer mean anything to me,” says Jeong-suk, wanting to suppress her hatred of In-ho and move on. Thus, the resident who reveals her desire for “liberation” confirms her desire for separation.

With this in mind, the episode ends with In-ho suddenly collapsing, causing Jeong-suk great concern.

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