Don’t Blame Karma review – a cute, above-average romcom


Don’t blame karma stands above Netflix’s romcom rabble with its production value and charming cast.

There are no spoilers in this review of the Netflix film Don’t Blame Karma (2022).

It’s an interesting experience watching a romantic comedy — there’s always a vague sense of deja vu. They’re probably the most strictly structured, expectation-driven movies out there, even more so than horror movies, and yet people (myself included) love them. We love seeing the same old romantic beats and clichés over and over again. We don’t need to reinvent the genre. and don’t blame karma directed by Elisa Miller from a screenplay by Fernanda Eguiarte and Laura Norton certainly doesn’t reinvent the rom-com genre. But that’s okay because it hits those romantic beats and clichés pretty well.

A regular in Mexican romcoms, Aislinn Derbez plays Sara, a woman in her 30s who converted her late grandmother’s house into a small shop selling brightly colored T-shirts to tourists, but has higher aspirations of becoming a fashion designer. These aspirations, along with other parts of her life, are held back by Sara’s belief that she is cursed with bad karma (hence the title).

When she was a child, Sara blew out the candles on her younger sister Lucy’s birthday cake and “stole her wish.” In retaliation, Lucy angrily told Sara that she would steal all of her wishes for the rest of her life. This statement, coupled with her intense jealousy of her sister, caused Sara to live her life in fear of bad karma. Blaming karma for her failed romance with Aaron, her best friend at school, she refuses to pursue a career in fashion design for fear of the curse. Sara must overcome or bow to this bad karma when Lucy – now model/social media influencer played by Renata Notni – visits her brand new fiancee. It’s (surprise!) Aaron, the man Sara still loves, played with laid-back charisma by Gil Cerezo.

I’m not going to spoil anything, but come on, there’s really nothing to spoil – the film progresses largely as you would expect. As Sara and Aaron’s romance grows, so does their fear of the curse. But predictability is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it’s a staple of the rom-com genre. Don’t blame karma does a lot of things right. The acting from the entire cast is excellent, and the chemistry between Derbez and Cerezo is palpable, which is essential for the leads of a rom-com. The cinematography and overall production value are surprisingly strong, especially during a scene where two characters are looking for flamingo feathers (although there are some CGI whales at the end of the movie that look pretty goddamn).

Don’t blame karma It certainly has flaws – it’s cliche, derivative, predictable, but as I mentioned earlier for some people these aren’t necessarily flaws but essential parts of a tried and true recipe. However where Don’t blame karma What goes wrong is how fast Sara and Aaron’s romance progresses. Almost immediately after reuniting, the two characters are completely and obviously in love with each other. The joy and frankly most of the drama of romcoms comes from the slow development of romance, the give and take of feelings, the ups and downs of infatuation. Within the first 30 minutes of the film, Sara and Aaron are already at the peak of their emotions. This minimizes the drama.

Overall, the question to ask yourself before watching Don’t blame karma is simple: do you like romcoms? If the answer to this question is yes, then you will likely have a good, albeit familiar, time with this one.

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