Dos and Don’ts for Republicans to Remember Ahead of 2024

Good, here we are. The election is over and the Republicans came away with a tie.

They retook the house and retired Speaker Nancy Pelosi — at least as party leader in Congress. But after the Georgia runoff on December 6, the Senate will be evenly divided at best, which still leaves the vice president, a Democrat, to break any 50-50 tie.

For those of us hoping that Republicans will win the White House and sweep both houses of Congress in 2024, we need to take a realistic look at how that will happen.

First of all, we must remember that our party, much as we would like it to, will not hold onto a congressional majority indefinitely, and neither will theirs. The reason is that while neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have been great at leading — which is why congressional approval ratings are woefully low year after year, no matter which party is in charge — both are absolutely superb at correcting the mistakes of the to show others.

Ironically, a party’s best chance of winning next time is not in power now. On the relatively rare occasions when a party wins the presidency and both houses of Congress, they have a short window of opportunity to get something done.


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Barack Obama and the Dems did so in 2008, but lost their lead in Congress two years later. Donald Trump and the Republicans shared the same short reign between the 2016 and 2018 elections. If Republicans can win and hold all three beyond 2026, that would be a bonus. But at least let’s see how we can capture them all in 2024. That’s how it’s done:

Independent voters make up the largest constituency today. Although Democrats and Republicans together have more independents, both parties have more independents than members. Obviously, independent voting is extremely important. And in order to woo her vote, we need to know what doesn’t interest her at best and what turns her off completely at worst.

Here is a case in point of how quickly the party in power can screw things up and be dethroned. As soon as the Republicans secured a majority in the House of Representatives, they seemed to make the investigation into the Bidens their top priority.

Independents aren’t interested in Hunter Biden’s laptop. Nor do they care about Trump’s secret documents in Mar-a-Lago, or his call to Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy, or his role in the January 6 invasion of the Capitol. Nor do they care about Hillary Clinton’s private email server or her role in Benghazi. They care least about watching Kevin McCarthy snatch the House gavel from Nancy Pelosi, or vice versa. Independents do not have a dog in any of these fights.

Unlike many Democrats and Republicans — and as I emphasize in my book, How to Talk Politics Without Arguing — independents do not believe that one major party is inherently more moral, honest, and capable than the other. You vote on a case-by-case basis, candidate-by-candidate, point-by-point.

Independents are most interested in inflation and crime these days. They worry about the prices at the gas pump and the grocery store, and they worry about the safety of their neighborhoods and their children’s schools. And speaking of their kids, they don’t want them to come home at age 6 or 7 and say like their teacher told them it’s okay to be a girl if they don’t like themselves feel a boy (or vice versa). .

“Okay,” you can say. “If that’s what independent voters care about, why didn’t the Republicans sweep it clean this time?” TIP: The answer is NOT “because the Democrats cheated again!”

Rather, it’s because while Republicans did a great job pointing out the problem, their message regarding solutions was mixed and muted. Compare that to the crystal clear, unifying and hugely successful treaty with America that Newt Gingrich crafted in 1994.

Independents too (as well as almost all Democrats and a growing number of Republicans) are tired of hearing how the 2020 election was “stolen” and shake their heads at those who ramble that they saw “that the Change numbers on CNN” or think that the “boxes taken out from under the tables” is a difference of over 7 million votes.


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If there’s one thing this election showed, it’s that Americans are sick of conspiracy theories. Whether they come from the right – like the Clintons, who run a pedophile ring from a DC pizza joint – or from the left – that Trump was kind enough to Russia because Vladimir Putin has incriminating photos of him.

In that sense, Republicans need to jump off this “defunding of Ukraine” train. Many are busy calling those who disagree with them RINOs, but RINO is no more a move than downplaying the need for the United States to remain vigilant to prevent military conquests by Russia or China. Isolationists should perhaps educate themselves about the myopia that led us to stay out of world wars until we had to shed far more blood and treasure to win than if we had prevented them in the first place.

In fact, none of the current RINO allegations fit. A RINO is a Republican in name only who otherwise does things Democrat-like, such as the stage. A person who believes Bill Barr’s analysis of the 2020 election more than a pillow seller is not what makes a RINO.

Finally, all Republicans—both those running for office and those who support them—should heed Ronald Reagan’s eleventh commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.”

You remember Reagan, right? The guy who won the White House in a landslide victory and then rose as an encore to reelection by winning 49 states out of 50? Let’s put it this way: his opponents conceded well before bedtime on both occasions.

Oh how nice it would be to win like that in 2024!

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