dr Stone Season 3 Episode 7 Summary


In this suspenseful episode, an unexpected twist changes everything and makes the series even more exciting and unpredictable.

We recap Crunchyroll anime series Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 7, “Ray of Despair, Ray of Hope” which contains spoilers.

What seemed like a straightforward supplies-gathering mission took an unexpected turn last week when Senku (Yusuke Kobayashi) and his friends, thanks to a named crew member, learned that the Treasure Island they are sailing to may be inhabited Soyuz.

With this knowledge in mind, they have changed the way they plan to approach the island, hoping to use the raging storm to sneak ashore.

Whether the residents of Treasure Island will be hostile or friendly remains to be seen, but either way this journey should lead to some exciting discoveries about the state of the world, and maybe even lead the party there Why man.

dr Stone Season 3 Episode 7 Summary

The episode begins with Senku and his friends approaching the island in their ship. You can only speculate on how much technology the islanders have, but assume it’s less than they do. Though they find a hidden place to dock before the storm passes, they still watch how they go ashore.

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The group decides to create a small reconnaissance unit consisting of Senku, Soyuz, kohakuAnd gene to travel to the island first to minimize the risk of war breaking out. Although his hearing would be beneficial to the Survey Corps, ukyo stays behind to examine the seabed after noticing something on the sonar.

Who was a stowaway on the Perseus?

After the Survey Corps departs, the remaining ship members discover that Suika has been hiding as a stowaway on the Perseus to take part in the mission. Although Ryusuui insists on sending her home, Francois insists that this is only because Suika is young and he worries for her safety.

Ukyo and ginro Discover fossilized bodies on the seabed. This would not be of concern, considering that Treasure Island was uninhabited at the time of the Petrification Ray. This means that later these people were somehow petrified and thrown into the sea.

What happened to anyone left behind on the Perseus during the reconnaissance mission?

As Soyuz looks back at the ship through a telescope, she realizes that everyone who stayed behind on the Perseus during the reconnaissance mission has somehow turned back to stone.

The only one who isn’t petrified is Suika, the Ryusuui thrown off the ship just in time to be rescued.

Who is Amaryllis?

Amaryllis is a young, beautiful and somewhat manipulative woman who lives on Treasure Island. Senku and the other members of the Scout Regiment follow her, hoping to learn more about her surroundings and the location of the treasure.

end of dr Stone Season 3 Episode 7 Explained

As amaryllis And during the group conversation, she slowly begins to realize that Senku isn’t there to take her to the “master,” a man she’ll rumoredly later marry. As they talk, the members of their village suddenly decide to rampage against the master, so Senku decides to calm them down with the tear gas he made and brought to the island, just in case.

After seeing what she calls sorcery and hearing that they plan to save the Petrified, Amaryllis reveals that she knows the source of the Petrification Ray and that her goal is to marry the Master so they can invade his palace and can defeat him. She then asks Senku for help in her fight.

Not only was this the best episode of the season so far, I’m impressed by how dr Stone manages to surprise his viewers in unexpected ways. In a series that vacillates between what’s realistic and what’s just ridiculously far-fetched, it’s amazing how they manage to keep the story grounded and easy to understand without getting boring.

I expected the Treasure Island story arc to be straight forward when it wasn’t focusing on the why man, but all these new people and twists have already added so many more potential levels and storylines.

I’m both excited and curious as to where these sudden new discoveries are headed and how they all connect to the source of the petrification.

What do you think of the Crunchyroll anime series Dr. Stone, Season 3, Episode 7? Comment below.

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