Elite season 6, episode 4 recap

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A tragic last-minute death is the most significant development of the season so far.

This summary of Elite Season 6 Episode 4 “War” contains spoilers.

You know how I said that the damage done to the boys by Isadora’s revenge mission was in elite Season 6, Episode 3 seemed a bit worse than what a marker pen could have done? Well, I was right because the word “rapist” is actually tattooed on her back, not written. Oops. However, it’s an act of aggression for which the boys seek revenge, seemingly ignoring the fact that they started raping Isadora.

Elite Season 6 Episode 4 Recap

Obviously there are contradictions in the way these two incidents are handled. Horrified at the thought of being hurt, Javi, Hugo and Alex are demanding compensation and their allegations are at least semi-serious, although admittedly evidence is being asked of them. But you can see why Isadora was so frustrated by her predicament. The irony is that they claim that a tattoo that lasts forever is proof of its severity as a punishment, as if in some ways sexual assault didn’t also last forever.

However, putting that aside for a moment, “War” mainly focuses on two subplots. The first is that Mencia keeps trying to interfere in Sara and Raul’s relationship. Raul peddles Sara’s social interactions and essentially acts as her bodyguard at school, which hardly deflects suspicion but makes it very difficult for Mencia to actually get near her. The second subplot is Cruz’s first soccer game after he was born, which has many characters present. And it starts off pretty well – rainbow flags are unfurled in the stands and Cruz gets a standing ovation, but when he hoists the rainbow flag himself after a goal, Raul and his awful friends hurl so much homophobic abuse at him that a riot erupts and the game is aborted.

Having Raul at the game at least gives Mencia a chance to connect privately with Sara, where she can share her own experiences and remind Sara that there’s a big difference between love and fear. They even share a kiss. When Raul later returns home after causing the riot so central and Bilal was bottled in the process, it was very pleasing to see that Sara had cleaned out her closet and gone to Mencia’s apartment.

But for Cruz, the turmoil haunts him home. Of course, he’s already received homophobic threats around the house, which Patrick and Ivan now know about, but he’s processing the experience by snorting cocaine alone while the boys go out for drinks. Ivan gets completely drunk and accidentally pushes Isadora, leading her to find out more about how he was involved in her rape. Not knowing where else to turn, Patrick calls Cruz, but as he sets out to meet her, a still agitated man gets caught up in an altercation with three men who end up killing him by the side of the road beat Ivan and Patrick find him lying there, and then we cut to the funeral, leading to one of the biggest developments of the season so far.

You can stream Elite Season 6 Episode 4 “War” exclusively on Netflix.

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