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One punch man is at a crucial point in terms of plot, and there have been a number of developments in the last few chapters. Yusuke Murata has done a fantastic job of keeping a good pace and the fanbase has been extremely happy with every chapter released to date. As expected, the upcoming Chapter 168 will focus on the fight between Garou and Saitama.

One punch man has no real release schedule, making it difficult to predict release dates. However, since the fanbase seems to have noticed a pattern in release dates, fans can expect the follow-up chapter to be released in the following week. The chapters are usually published every two weeks on Thursdays. Here’s what we know about Chapter 168 of One punch man.

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One punch man Chapter 168 release details

As per the trend observed by the fan base, fans can expect the next chapter to be released on July 21, 2022. This day is a Thursday, and some of the previous chapters were released on Thursdays, two weeks after the previous chapters were released. As the series does not follow a release schedule, the release date is subject to change.

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Fans can keep an eye out for updates by following Yusuke Murata on Twitter as he keeps the fan base informed of the number of pages he is completing and he has also mentioned the release date for some of the previous chapters. Fans can monitor the series subreddit to read the latest chapters.

One punch man Chapter 167 summary

This chapter started with Saitama and Garou performing the Serious Punch. Blast and his comrades had to intervene because the shock wave from the collision of two Serious Punches would have caused significant damage to the planet. Both were teleported to one of Jupiter’s moons, where Saitama and Garou decided to fight again. Garou attacked the Caped Baldy by combining multiple fighting styles and combining them with nuclear fission. Despite his attempts, Saitama was unimpressed and decided he only needed one hand to beat him.

WHAT THE HELL?! Killer Move: Serious series. SERIOUS TABLE FLIP! 😭😭OMG! This is bone dry! ONE BLOW MAN. Chapter 167.

When Garou attempted to use a portal, Saitama casually grabbed the hyperspace gate and attacked Garou as well. This shocked him completely, because not only was Saitama able to grab a hyperspace gate, he also managed to overtake Garou during this fight. What Saitama later did hyped the entire fanbase. He used his Serious Series: Serious Table Flip, which seemed to shatter the entire surface of the moon they were on. Saitama then used his Serious Series: Omnidirectional Serious Punch and Garou thought they were afterimages.

Chapter 167 of One Punch Man, I really don’t need to say anything else, raw or not, this chapter was insane #One shot man

When Garou tried to escape through a portal, Saitama was already inside and hit Garou from below. The Hero Hunter tried his best to dodge Saitama’s attacks, but the Caped Baldhead thoroughly overpowered him. Then Garou realized that Saitama’s limitless strength and that he would have to copy his moves until Saitama gave up.

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