From shelf-life to mixing fuels – here’s everything you need to know about petrol

Even then it won’t break, although fuel degradation will cause poor starts and rough running – but it won’t ruin your engine.

Can I mix E5 and E10 petrol?

Since early September, the new E10 has been the regular grade for unleaded petrol in the UK. This means a 10 percent share of bioethanol distilled from plant material.

E5 (a 5 percent concentration of bioethanol) was the previous standard gasoline blend. Gas stations are unlikely to have leftovers, but your car’s tank may still have leftovers if you filled up at the end of August and didn’t use your car much in the following month.

If you mix both, that’s no problem.

Can you mix unleaded and super lead?

Yes. All current cars are designed to run on standard 95 octane unleaded (even high performance cars), but run just as well – if not better – on higher octane premium lead, which has an octane rating of 97 or higher.

In essence, it offers a bigger bang, although it costs significantly more than regular unleaded petrol due to a high concentration of additives, including detergents, to keep your engine clean.

Incidentally, unleaded fuel remains E5, while the regular grade with 95 octane contains up to 10 percent bioethanol.

What happens if you fill up your car with the wrong gas?

There is no such thing as wrong fuel, you can mix regular and super unleaded E5 and E10 in any ratio and you simply won’t notice a difference.

Accidental refueling with diesel is much more likely. Once you have done this, do not try to start the car and call ambulance or a workshop as the fuel system will need to be flushed.

What about diesel?

Diesel fuel is also scarcer than normal. Like gasoline, it lasts at least six months without “leaking,” although some suppliers estimate up to a year depending on storage conditions. From shelf-life to mixing fuels – here’s everything you need to know about petrol

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