Gangs of London season 2, episode 6 recap

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A great action sequence and a few dark character changes are highlights in an episode that once again proves that season two is willing to go narratively places the first installment wasn’t.

This synopsis of Gangs of London Season 2 Episode 6 contains spoilers.

in the Gangs of London Season 2, Episode 5, Sean Wallace essentially made himself king. And in this episode, he gets to enjoy it for about five minutes before his new business partner starts taking liberties. Typical, isn’t it?

Anyone who has watched the first season of Gangs of London I will remember that in a lot of cases it was about Sean being completely unprepared for the lead. He’s reckless, unpredictable, and childish in many ways, and it’s manifested itself time and time again. Season 2 so far has portrayed him as a slightly more thoughtful and strategic player in a big game he can’t control, but this is where we’re starting to see all of that unraveling. It starts with Asif.

Gangs of London Season 2 Episode 6 Summary

The idea is to empower Asif by giving him freedom within London in exchange for access to his network and infrastructure. If he doesn’t do business with Sean and Koba, he won’t do business with the capital at all. He’s not keen on the sales pitch, so Koba privately throws in a sweetener – Lale. When Sean finds out, he throws a tantrum, banging on the walls and all. Koba may have turned all of their Kurdish allies back into them, and he made a cup of Sean in the process, which, as you can imagine, was at least partly his intention.

While Sean sulks, Elliot loses his composure. After murdering Miss Kane, he leaves her body for her daughter Imogen to find, then goes to Shannon and blames her for preventing him from leaving. He’s lost the one person left in his life, and with that he seems to have lost the one thing that binds him to his sanity. Shannon tells him that Sean teamed up with Koba and that he secured the alliance by defeating the investors, meaning Elliot puts two and two together and realizes it was Sean who killed Charlie and Singer. And he is drunk. But Shannon talks him out of being too hasty and instead convinces him to let her help bring Sean and Koba down.

As it turns out, maybe it was a good thing Elliot had saved Ed after all. Marian visits him and proposes a new deal that will see the two regain control of London. This would likely be something Elliot would bet on, at least more than a Sean and Koba lead scenario.

Meanwhile, Asif hung Lale upside down in his study, ready to torture her. Of course she is able to break free and a good chunk of the episode is devoted to her making her way through Asif’s guards absolutely her own. This is where I think the show comes closest to the same high points as the first season in terms of action – the same pivot to horror is there with Lale stalking through the house, but the stylish lighting and staging of the brutal hand-to-hand combat is really something. She barely makes it out alive, but she makes it – and Sean is waiting to save her.

Only he isn’t. When Lale keeps falling unconscious, she just assumes that Sean will get her to safety. But when she comes to, she realizes that he has carried her straight back to her undoing. As she is pulled away by the hair, her screams echo down the hallway, and Sean’s eyes fill with tears as he leaves, knowing he’s crossed a line from which he can never come back.

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