Gangs of London season 2, episode 7 recap

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The best action scene of the season is the standout penultimate episode, which sets the stage for a gory finale.

This synopsis of Gangs of London Season 2 Episode 7 contains spoilers.

There’s been a lot of deceit and intrigue over the past few episodes, so it’s refreshing that this one starts off with some forward momentum. Luan steals Arif’s shipment of heroin at Marian’s behest, resulting in Sean and Koba blaming each other. Lacking options, they have no choice but to travel to Paris, where Arif recently successfully delivered a shipment to rid the city’s preeminent drug dealer of their supplies. They take Saba with them for local orientation purposes, but otherwise they’re quite understaffed.

Gangs of London Season 2 Episode 7 Summary

And that’s the point. Overseas, Sean and Koba are vulnerable. When Shannon tells Elliot what’s happening, he flies out himself, hoping to use his contacts there to ambush them both. Between the Wallace Matriarch, the Dumanis, Luan and the Albanians, and Elliot, Sean and Koba’s new empire is quickly being surrounded by those intent on bringing it down – and they have very few allies to help protect it .

However, they have an ally in Billy, who immediately finds out that it was Marian who arranged for the shipment to be jacked and follows her to where they keep it. Just as he is about to call Sean, Luan catches him and forces him at gunpoint and at Marian’s behest into the van full of heroin.

The drug lord of Paris is a woman, Bibi Agostini, and she doesn’t seem to be easily fooled. But she could be up for any international deal Sean offers in exchange for half her heroin. Saba translates for Bibi but you get the feeling that she probably understands and speaks English perfectly. She offers to meet her in the VIP area of ​​a nightclub that evening, giving Elliot time to snatch Saba off the street and force her to smuggle in a gun for him to take out Sean and Koba.

Most people would agree that the fifth episode of the first season was the best; I’d say this is the equivalent of season 2 in the way it spends a lot of time building suspense for an upcoming moment and then stretching that moment out over a good chunk of the episode. So we see Sean, Koba and Saba entering the club first; We see Saba nearly get caught going through security, then hide the gun and tip Elliot on where it is. We see Elliot begin to infiltrate the building while the others are ushered into a VIP room separate from the one Saba told Elliot about and since their alert message is not delivered we know that Elliot is the will hit wrong room. It’s all absolute chaos from there, which is good news for us because it’s easily the best action sequence of the season so far.

Elliot struggling through the club’s security wouldn’t be out of place in it John Wick, both in the way it is lit and staged, and in the way it is choreographed. But because he’s in the wrong place, he doesn’t get close to Sean and Koba, so he tipped them off about Saba. The deal also falls through – Bibi was willing to give up half her heroin to access England’s ports so she could smuggle people there, but she’s unwilling to negotiate once Sean and Koba bring so much trouble to her doorstep. Nobody wins from this – least of all Saba, who really doesn’t know who is behind Elliot’s plan, although the other two think she does.

Elliot calls Shannon to warn her that Sean will know he was there and will blame it on her, but Shannon has another idea related to the beginning of the episode. Earlier, we saw Elliot speaking menacingly into the camera. We return to this moment towards the end of the episode and it is revealed that he is talking to Billy who is tied up with the heroin in the container. As we see Sean and Marian discussing the events of Paris, the latter gets a delivery – Billy’s arm. Elliot sends pieces of him to his family to lure Sean out.

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