Gangs of London season 2, episode 8 recap

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The ending has some satisfying moments, but it sets it up a lot more for Season 3 than any sort of conclusion. Although is that really a bad thing?

This Gangs of London Season 2 Episode 8 recap contains spoilers, including a full discussion of the ending of Gangs of London Season 2.

The final of Gangs of London Season 2 begins with a lot of bad news and decisions. After the shenanigans of Gangs of London Season 2, Episode 7, Sean gets pieces of his brother in the mail, found out his mother stabbed him in the back, and is still off heroin. Saba is accused of abetting Elliot’s assassination and, along with Faz, is forced to kill Hakim. Oh, and Shannon has the heroin, much to Ed’s dismay.

Things don’t look good, do they?

Gangs of London Season 2 Episode 8 Summary

In the previous episode, Elliot said something – to Billy, but really to us – about wanting the powerful to feel weak and scared, and that’s the situation he creates for Sean, who is forced to do Elliot’s bidding meet to try and get Billi back. But the episode also begins to recast Billy, the thoroughly “weakest” member of the family, as possessing real strength. We’re reminded of that whole Snitch and Bucket thing from Season 1 in a conversation between Sean and Koba. In his narrative, Sean lies and says he shot, but we know it was Billy. When Sean gives in to Elliot’s demands and shows weakness, Billy tries to plan his own escape. He has always been the stockier of the two brothers.

One of the things Elliot wants from Sean is to kill Koba, and at least he manages to do that, but he poisons his burger and fries. Is there a worse place to die than a gas station? I do not think so. It seems like a disappointing ending for Koba, but he fights the poison to the end – even after being paralyzed, he almost manages to draw his weapon. But eventually he bleeds from his nose, eyes and mouth and falls dead, only to be crammed into the trunk of the car.

Elsewhere, Luan’s men arrive to reclaim the heroin from Shannon, and she and Ed slaughter everyone through a motel wall in the meantime The raid – a nice nod to Gareth Evans involvement here – is set on TV. Poor Danny must be scarred for life. Regardless, after giving Luan a solid performance earlier in the season, Ed still has some bargaining power left, forcing him to wait until morning — in other words, to see what happens between Elliot and Sean — before making one decision. Would he really want Marian to amass all that power?

Eventually, Sean meets Elliot at the right place and, predictably, the two fall out. Billy contributes to this by stabbing Elliot a few times with a screwdriver he secured earlier and that certainly helps, as does Sean pouring oil in Elliot’s eyes. But at this point, Elliot is virtually indestructible – he’s too full of anger at how violently and consistently he’s been wronged, betrayed and manipulated. After defeating the Scrap, Elliot hangs Sean by the neck from a crane and he’s absolutely willing to watch him die until he decides that’s not quite enough. Instead, he lets Sean live, but decides to take everything he’s ever built – to take his place at the table. The final scene of Gangs of London Season 2 makes this idea literal as Elliot takes his position between Ed, Shannon, Luan, Marian and London’s other high-ranking criminals. Elsewhere we see Billy visiting Sean in prison and Asif offering a cigarette to Lale in exile. They’ve teamed up now it seems.

Season 3, anyone?

What do you think of the ending of Gangs of London Season 2? Let us know in the comments.

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