Get rid of your “butt dimples” with these 4 exercises, the trainer says

Self-care and exercise are two wonderful things that go hand in hand. If you keep up with both, you most likely know that one of the most frustrating things to deal with is “butt dimples” – another name for it cellulite in the bottom area. Every year that goes by you will notice changes in your body. We’re here to tell you exactly how to get rid of butt dimples, so get ready to make some changes and tighten things up! And don’t miss next 7 fat burning exercises for a tighter butt.

What Causes Butt Dimples?

Orange, cellulite concept

Orange, cellulite concept

To learn how to address this unwanted change in your buttocks, we spoke to you Jackie Smith, a certified integrative nutrition health coach and fitness trainer specializing in barre, yoga and pre/postnatal workouts. She explains that the cellulite on your butt that causes dimples is the same Cellulite developing on your thighs. After Gregory Romanian, MD of Northwestern Plastic Surgery, women are far more likely than men to struggle with cellulite due to estrogen. In fact, every woman will likely develop some form of cellulite on her body at some point in her life.

You may be wondering how cellulite forms. These frustrating “dimples” are typically found on your glutes and thighs, but you can also develop them on your arms, breasts, and lower abs. According to Mayo Clinic, there isn’t much research that reveals the cause of cellulite. But it forms when fat cells build up and put pressure on your skin. The “fibrous tie cords” that connect your muscles and skin experience a downward pull that creates dimples. While it’s a less exciting process, it’s just a fact of life. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it.

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How to get rid of butt dimples?

Close up of woman doing glute bridge

Close up of woman doing glute bridge

The best way around burn cellulite is by performing exercises on a routine basis. This will help you burn fat, stay toned and reduce the appearance of that dreaded butt dimple. Smith provides us with specific exercises to treat cellulite. She explains, “You should focus on glute exercises that break down fat and increase muscle mass.”

Smith recommends adding squats, jump lunges or walking lunges, glute bridges, and clam shells to your weekly workout to treat butt dimples. Additionally, you can easily speed up these movements by adding resistance bands or dumbbells for a greater challenge. After all, you want to get fit for the warm weather! How to perform the individual movements:

Squats: To squat, position your feet hip-width apart. Then squat down so your thighs are parallel to the floor. Push through your feet to get back up.

Jump lunges or walking lunges: For walking lunges, start with your feet together. Then step forward with one leg, bringing the back knee to the floor and bending the front leg. With the other leg, lunge forward and alternate your lunges.

Gluteal Bridges: For this exercise, you lie on a yoga mat on the floor. Your feet should be on the floor with your knees bent and your arms at your sides. Push your hips skyward, squeeze your glutes, then lower them back to the mat and repeat.

Shellfish: This is another exercise that involves lying on your side on a yoga mat with your forearm on the floor. Your hips should be at a 45 degree angle and your knees at a 90 degree angle. Keep your bottom leg on the floor while your top leg rotates up, just like a “seashell” opening up. Make sure your toes stay together throughout this movement.

Eat this, not that

Eat this, not that

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