Good Morning, Veronica season 2, episode 6 recap


A typically offbeat and inconclusive ending rounds out the second season of Good morning Veronica about as everyone expected.

This recap of Good Morning, Veronica Season 2 Episode 6, “Doum” contains spoilers including for Good Morning, Veronica’s ending of Season 2. You can read our spoiler-free season recap by clicking these words.

The downside of trying to save everyone else’s life is that you often neglect your own and the people in it. One of the main themes of Good morning Veronica is generational trauma, the kind that is inherited, and the great fear of some of its characters is becoming the person who hurts them the most. Veronica idolized her father, which set her apart from her mother, and now she’s afraid she’ll become a bad mother in turn (Lila seems to agree). Her obsession with taking down Matias is costing her everything.

Good Morning Veronica Season 2 Episode 6 Summary

But most crimes are not victimless. They create the kind of trauma in others that Veronica has nurtured all her life, so she sees herself in Angela, who is able to escape with Carol by hitting Matias on the head with a giant vase. I think we’re seeing something in these two that’s reminiscent of the first season, this lived-in, plausible world of deeply hurt people clinging to each other. It’s about developing the courage to use your voice, to speak your truth. But of course there are those who would silence you, often men and sometimes even those you love. There is no clearer metaphor for this than gunmen who burst in during Angela’s recorded testimony, shot Carol, and involuntarily dragged Angela back to her father.

It’s telling that the next statement we see of her is for the cameras, dressed up as daddy’s little princess who is once again spreading his lies.

Fear – that’s the secret. Don’t always fear for your own safety, but for those you love. This forces people to remain silent, to be dishonest. Angela is afraid of Matias what he might do to her and what he might already have done to her mother. It is Veronica who is retraced through Matias’ history and tracks down Gisele. The audience is shown the truth just as Veronica finds it out and Gisele confirms it – Matias is an incestuous pedophile who works his way through his own daughters until they come of age and give birth to another victim for him. It’s as monstrous a development as you can really imagine. I can’t imagine the lines were around the block to play this guy.

It is Gisele who announces all of this during one of Matia’s sermons, in which he tries to use Angela to clear his name. She confesses everything and Angela supports her, as do several women in the crowd. When Veronica shows up with a gun, Matias flees with Angela hostage. Veronica pursues him and is able to capture him before he can escape in a helicopter. They fight, and despite Matias’ attempts to get Veronica to shoot him by referring to his relationship with her father, and despite Angela begging her to kill him as well, Veronica doesn’t pull the trigger. Gloria arrives to tie up Matias and she gives Veronica some time to see her family before being taken away (she is still wanted for Anita’s murder, among other things).

But Gloria doesn’t report Veronica. For one thing, she’ll be an easy target in prison. And she also has to track down the mysterious Doum, who we see (in the first person, so the identity is still veiled) visit Matias in house arrest. Matias directs Doum not only to Veronica but also to her daughter, meaning revenge for Brandao should be aimed at both of them.

You can stream Good Morning, Veronica Season 2 Episode 6 exclusively on Netflix. Do you have any thoughts on the ending of Season 2 “Good Morning Veronica”? Let us know in the comments.

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