GOP Candidate Tudor Dixon Ends Debate by Dismantling Gretchen Whitmer Piece by Piece in 90 Seconds

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon brushed aside Thursday night with her Democratic opponent, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Perhaps the highlight was Dixon’s 90-second closing statement.

“The governor wants you to forget how tough the last four years have been with Gretchen Whitmer. She showed us who she is,” the Republican said.

This left viewers wondering, “What have the last four years been like?” which, for many, no doubt leads to the central question, “Am I better off now than I was four years ago?”

Dixon then went on to offer a litany of reasons why Whitmer has failed the people of Michigan.


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“She was right there on that stage and she said she wasn’t going to raise taxes, and she kept trying and trying and trying to raise your taxes,” Dixon said. Fact check: correct.

Whitmer tried several times to increase or veto the tax cut. And Michigan has still lost 82,000 jobs from pre-pandemic levels.

“[Whitmer] also said she cares about women, but she’d happily put little boys in your daughter’s dressing room,” Dixon continued. “She also said she cares about parents, but she hasn’t stood up for parents who have said, ‘Why do we have adults whispering sex and gender in our little kids’ ears?'”

Whitmer supported the pro-LGBT human rights campaign in June.

Last month, according to the Detroit Free Press, Dixon called for the resignation of state superintendent Michael Rice over an LGBT education video used by the state Department of Education.

“Michigan’s Department of Education is actively training staff to help young children transition (in terms of gender identity) and instructs them not to tell their parents, even if they are having suicidal thoughts,” Dixon said at the time.

Tricia Foster, Whitmer’s chief operating officer, wrote a letter to Rice saying she found the video “worrying.”

“We urge you to review your training to ensure it complies with all applicable regulations, adheres to department policies and reflects best practices,” Foster said. “Parents are their children’s first and most important teachers.”


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Dixon argued that a letter from an employee was not good enough. She wanted to hear directly from Whitmer about the controversy.

During Thursday’s debate, Dixon called Whitmer’s policies “radical, dangerous and destructive.”

“Crime is rising, jobs are falling, schools are worse and the roads have not been repaired. That’s what happens when you hire a radical career politician — you’re going in the wrong direction,” she concluded.

The first two questions of the debate concerned abortion.

Whitmer said she supports Proposal 3, a radical ballot initiative passed by Roe v. Wade goes out and was crushed in June to create a constitutional abortion right.

Dixon claimed that Prop 3 would legalize abortion up to the point of birth.

Will Dixon defeat Whitmer?

As with the debates in the Arizona and Ohio US Senates earlier this month, the moderator twice asked what limits the Democratic nominee would impose on abortion, and received no clear answer.

“My lawsuit would have preserved the status quo with the limitations currently on the books,” Whitmer finally replied.

The governor sued to prevent a 1931 law banning abortion in the state from being reinstated. The case is currently making its way through the court system.

However, Prop 3 goes beyond Roe.

“She’s made it clear that she has no limitations,” Dixon said. “She doesn’t even want parental approval. That’s what the proposal she’s talking about out there every day says.”

Brad Smith of Michigan’s Right to Life told The Western Journal earlier this month, “Proposition 3 is as extreme as it gets.”

“That will wipe out any law that has anything to do with life because it’s a constitutional amendment,” he explained.

Provisions that would be removed include parental consent, a ban on partial birth abortion, and medical and staffing requirements for abortion facilities, Smith said.

Bridge Michigan fact-checked these allegations made by Smith and others and found that Prop 3 language would cast doubt on many provisions of the state’s abortion law.

In addition, the amendment would allow late abortions to protect “the patient’s life, physical or mental health.” Both Smith and Bridge Michigan noted that “mental health” is an exception that could be interpreted very broadly.

Another issue Dixon met Whitmer on was her pandemic response.

Whitmer acknowledged that if she could go back in time two and a half years, knowing what she now knows, she would have made some different choices. “But we were working in the middle of a crisis and lives were at stake,” she said.

Dixon replied: “Well the governor wants you to believe she was listening to the experts, but we have the letter from the Nursing Homes Association which said whatever you do, don’t send COVID positive patients to nursing homes.”

“She even tried to hide the final report on how many deaths we had,” Dixon added. “And what about our students that she expelled from schools?”

Center Square reported that a state audit released in January found Whitmer’s government undercounted COVID-19 deaths by 42 percent, or about 2,300 people.

Dixon’s debate appearance was a tour de force.

The latest poll shows the race tied, although the Real Clear Politics average gives Whitmer a single-digit lead.

Dixon definitely helped her chances on Thursday night. This is a race to watch.

Randy DeSoto has written more than 2,000 articles for The Western Journal since joining the company in 2015. He is a graduate of West Point and Regent University School of Law. He is the author of the book We Hold These Truths and screenwriter of the political documentary I Want Your Money.

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