Grieving mum slams ‘most selfish people’ after being forced to change seats on a flight

A MUM has slammed the “most selfish people” she’s ever met after being forced to change seats on a plane the day her father died.

Nama Winston had to briefly interrupt her vacation with her son after her father died in a car accident.

One family wanted the three-seat row so they didn't have to put their baby on their lap (stock image)


One family wanted the three-seat row so they didn’t have to put their baby on their lap (stock image)Photo credit: Getty

The couple, who were from Sydney, had been to the Gold Coast and were planning a day of celebration for the Nama’s birthday when she received the call that they had to change plans.

Nama told Kidspot, “My five-year-old and I were vacationing on the Gold Coast and had a big day planned for celebration.

“But my sister called with the worst news: our father had been a passenger in a car accident involving another vehicle at a major intersection in Adelaide overnight. He had died at the crime scene.

“We flew home straight away, that’s the only reason we ended up on the same plane as some of the most selfish people I’ve ever met.”

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Initially, Nama and her son were seated by Qantas staff in a special row of seats that such seats often leave vacant in such emergencies.

It was a row of three, meaning the couple could spread out and have some extra space while they flew back to be with their grieving relatives.

However, once they boarded the plane, they had to move with their baby because of “eligible family.”

Nama explained, “I was relieved to be alone in a row with my son and I couldn’t stop crying. All day.

“I always like to get on a plane on time, and so did we. We settled in with my little one’s face pressed against the window, I sat in the middle seat and told him I was fine, sobbing.

“And then, just as the door was about to close, two adults with a baby stumbled on board in a mad rush.”

As they boarded the plane, the family made a fuss and asked the flight attendants to swap the two seats they had booked with the row of three that Nama and her son had been seated in.

The cabin crew agreed and Nama had no choice but to put her and her son in the two seats the family had paid for.

However, the seats they were put in were nowhere near as good as the ones they had been in.

Nama said: “The cabin crew came to me and explained that the couple insisted that WE move to these two seats so they could spread out with the baby.

“Oh, to have the arrogance and pretense of such people. Get in last, demanding where to sit and forcing others to comply.

“There was no thank you from them, but I hardly noticed because the first thing I saw when I was about to sit down was that there was no window in the row. It was just a wall. No window.

“No window to distract my son on the worst plane trip I would have ever been on. I know babies are important, but I was angry at the eligible parents.”

The situation overwhelmed Nama and just as the plane descended the runway for takeoff, she decided to get up and confront the cabin crew about the situation.

She was stopped by a flight attendant and forced to return to her seat. After the plane was in the air, the same companion came to see Nama and eventually gave her a happier ending to her story.

She explained: “We picked up speed to take off and that was the moment I decided to cause my own excitement.

“I didn’t get far because one of them called out quietly, ‘Ma’am, you have to stay seated for the start.’

“When the seat belt sign went off, this crew member came over to me immediately. He knelt down and asked, ‘How can I help you?’

“For the rest of the flight, he provided me with red wine, my son with snacks and food, and he even arranged for our bags to be found first and removed from the flight. They were waiting at the carousel when we arrived.

“He also came to us so that we could be the first to disembark. When I needed it most, I was shown the most incredible kindness.”

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Meanwhile, this passenger refused to change seats to allow a family to sit together.

And that’s why a change of location can sometimes even be dangerous.

Nama mourned her father's death as she was forced to leave her seat (stock image)


Nama mourned her father’s death as she was forced to leave her seat (stock image)Credit: Alamy Grieving mum slams ‘most selfish people’ after being forced to change seats on a flight

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