Grizzly Bear Easily Keeps Pace With Car Going Nearly 40 Miles Per Hour

Do you think you can outrun a grizzly bear? Think again…

With a speed of about 35 miles per hour, they can run faster than any human, even the fastest that ever lived. Even world-class sprinters like Usain Bolt surpass south of 30 mph (his record is just under 28 mph).

Needless to say, there’s a reason they tell you not to run from a bear if you come across one in the woods.

First, you can trigger its chase, and second, it will run you over in seconds.

In this video, a car is driving down a mountain road when they spot a bear on the side and accelerate to catch up with its sprint. Reaching almost 40 miles per hour, this bear dragged ass.

It’s insane and maybe a bit scary to see such a big, powerful beast moving so fast.

I mean, they can swim, they can run, some bears can climb trees, they can smell for miles…bigger, faster, stronger, they’ve beaten you six times as of Sunday.

Here’s another car keeping up with a bear in Colorado.

This guy was shot near Colorado Springs and he’s TRUCKIN.

Black bear stunned by an electric fence

Bears and electric fences, man…

In bear country, it’s not uncommon to see an electric fence used as a bear deterrent, whether it’s a portable one you put up around your campsite, one used to protect your livestock or crops (or your honey), and sometimes people just go bear-proof for their homes (and their junk).

But still, whenever a bear bumps into you, it can be pretty hilarious.

With a shock just strong enough to jolt them and keep them away, they are bear safe and generally get the job done. Although, every once in a while you find a smart guy like that.

This blueberry farmer put a fence around his field and lo and behold, this sneaky dude managed to dig in, slowly crawl the army through and slide right under… awesome:

And then sometimes the old bear gets a zap that folds them up like a cheap deck chair.

This big guy walked up to this electric fence and as soon as he tapped his snout he had enough juice to drop him to his knees. In fact, he immediately reappeared and high-tailed it away.

If you’ve ever touched an electric fence (we had one growing up for our horses) you know it will numb your arm for a second (similar to hitting your joke bone but your whole arm and leg).

And electricity likes to find the quickest route to the ground, so it seems like this bear’s front legs let up and he ate some dirt.

Finally, there is this one…

Bear vs. Electrified Deer Carcass…

Who do you have?

Tourists get too close to grizzly bears in Grand Teton National Park

Every day nearly a million people flock to the various national parks across the country, and every day there are bound to be a bunch of jerks in the group.

You saw them Yellowstone idiotsbut this group comes to us from Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Part of the thrill of going to a national park is encountering nature in a way you’ve never experienced before. Grizzly bears, bison, elk, wolves, deer… you can see a variety of species in parks like Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Rocky Mountain National Park, but the number one thing to keep in mind is safety.

Most parks recommend that you stay at least 100 yards away from grizzly bears…. Yes, a hundred meters, the size of a soccer field. Why? Because if a bear decides to accuse you, it will quickly come after you.

And if your bears get EXTRA protective? Around her young and… food.

Like a delicious moose carcass.

This bear in particular drew a lot of people to the side of the road, and luckily for them, he was too focused on the killing to pay much attention to the growing crowd.

But with a number of kids outside of the vehicles, it’s not hard to see why this video might make anyone who knows a thing or two about grizzly bear behavior a bit uneasy.

“Some might think that this griz would be too busy to take care of the Tourons, but this is probably one of the most dangerous positions to be in.

Grizzly bears get very protective when it comes to their food, he might think these people pose a threat and it would take him literally seconds to reach one of those Tourons!”

Guys, keep your distance… or maybe just stay in the car. Grizzly Bear Easily Keeps Pace With Car Going Nearly 40 Miles Per Hour

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